Still no ADSL after weeks without it due to migration hell. In short, got my MAC code off Pipex gave it to Sky and all was well for a week. Then connection went entirely for 2.5 weeks due to a “fault at the exchange”. Back on for a week then out again, this 30 days after I’d had the MAC code applied. Basically it hasn’t been applied correctly by Sky so Pipex automatically take over the line again as MAC’s expire after 30 days. 2 weeks on and still Pipex are being very very unhelpful with my requests to cease the service so I can get Sky back online. It’s suppose to be ceased by Friday this week, but, as BT still don’t know about the cease request I don’t believe them. Pipex will be getting a complaint very OFCOM and I’ll be seeking compensation as it’s out of order! Don’t ever use migration. Cancel and resign up. It will be easier.