Please allow me to introduce myself…

I’m not a man of wealth or fame! I am, Ian Winter. Born on a cold morning in Reading sometime back in early eighties. I started out life, oddly enough, as a baby and after GCSE’s, A-Level’s and one week at University I decided that the working life was what I wanted.

I was fortunate enough to start my career in the midst of the dot com boom and the start of a new millennium - which I survived, as did we all. Starting off I purely did HTML. Coding up pretty basic stuff and getting the hang of the early versions of CSS as it was back then and trying to get my head around JavaScript. Things progressed and a need arose in the job I was doing to start getting a bit more funky and get some database driven stuff going on which is when I found and picked up on ColdFusion. A few years in to being a developer going through a corporate, automative industry company and a digital agency I ended up where I am now doing web infrastructure & technical operations management for a large, privately owned online dating company - @whitelabeldating.

I have over 16 years commercial experience and have worked in a number of industries and across varying company sizes from small digital agency to large multi-national corporates dealing with all levels of staff from every day employees through to directors and C level.

I’ve got a wife, two kids and cat (though the order was wife, cat, kids - if you’re interested) and live in Berkshire. When I’m not working I enjoying attempting to keep fit by swimming and going for walks when I can. I’ve got a fairly large music collection and enjoy gigs (when I can get babysitters) and discovering new artists. I am a bit of an internet/web tech/gadget junkie and keep up to speed on what’s going on in the world of the web although my family live means the gadget collection doesn’t grow quite at the rate it used to.

Find me elsewhere

Aside from my blog, which you found, I’m also on Twitter, Github, LinkedIn, Keybase,, Spotify & Lanyrd.

Contact Me

If you want to know anything else, find out more about something, want a website hosted/setup, talk to me about future opportunities then get in touch. You can email me at hi [at] ian {dot} io. If you know my mobile, feel free to WhatsApp me.

What about the site?

The site is generated using Jekyll, it’s got Cloudflare up front and behind is a CentOS eCloud hosted with UKFast.

This is the something version of the site as a whole. Probably 5th major version. It’s only a number, like age, right? It has used BlogCFC, MoveableType, Wordpress and now Jekyll in it’s lifetime. You might have ended up here via,,, or some other random link that bounces you here anyway.

Over the years it’s been on a few different URLs, most recently and formerly (though these are now not owner by me) &

If you want a site hosted I can recommend UKFast. They’ll provide you a basic cloud, VPS or full on dedicated server and a whole lot more. Happy to put you in touch if you want a referral.