Council tax, it’s a pain in the arse and to high. The proposed tax/fine whatever if you’re caught speeding! What’s going on, are the motorists supposed to pay for this governments inability to manage our money.

The latest news on council funding reforms is all fine because there does need to be a solution, but with the news also that local authorities are thinking of putting in local income tax, house taxes, green taxes etc. we may as well just give the bloody government what little of our salaries we actually get paid out and claim a weekly allowance! If they take much more tax we’re not going to have any money left… and to top it off I bet most of the tax is used to pay for people claiming benefit who don’t need it and the swamp of sodding asylum seekers (I’m not even going to start on that).


All these changes to council tax if they do change, and we get more different local level taxes will make it more like the old Poll tax. You should pay a flat capped rate for the house you’re in then more depending on who’s in it. Simple. Oh and on another note good luck to Mr Estall.