Latest listening’s and purchases are the following 3 albums, Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions, Will Young - Friday’s Child and Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters.

Will Young’s album a lot better than I expected to be honest, definatly the best “idol” so far without doubt. Scissor Sisters a little bit different but very good, the single Comfortable Numb, a Rolling Stones cover has been played a lot on BBC Radio 1 but it’s good.The other album Joss Stone’s debut, The Soul Sessions, oh my god, it’s amazing! Her voice is unbelievably good. The album includes a cover of the Toploader song Some Kind Of Wonderful, and I have to say her version’s better. You can get some background on this 16 year old wonder stuff from this article on The Guardian’s site. Not only is her voice incrediable, she’s quite attractive too!