Ok, got a vacumn cleaner from Tesco few weeks back and now have used up the dust bags, can I find them to buy? Oh no. Rang up the Electrolux Group Floorcare Helpline (08706 055 055) and they told me that the model in question, TheBoss B3300 (1500W) was a Tesco special, nice, anyway, Tesco should sell bags (but they don’t) so if you need bags give them a call. When you through go to option 2 and you can get them. You need bag ref. U59, though if you just say Tesco and vacumn cleaner the lady (very helpful) knew exactly what I was on about. The bags come in packs of 5 and include filters. They are £2.94 per pack with a £1.95 postage charge on the final order. Currently got a special where you get 5 packs for the price of 4. Bargin.