OK, for those of you not the UK, currently on Channel 4 is Big Brother 5. A reality TV show where the housemates are trapped in a house for 10 weeks with camera’s everywhere. One of the housemates, Michelle, is a bunny boiler! She’s utterly mad. In The Sun today there is an article reporting how she’s tried to convince poor Stuart to go with her when he leaves the house and not see his family. She won’t leave him alone, she follows him, she’s all over him, she’s crazy! As all housemates are up for eviction this week, it has to be Michelle that goes for Stuart’s sake and the fact she’s driving me up the wall! Lock up your rabbits when she gets out!!! So, here’s how to vote:

  • Text MICHELLE to 84444 (25p plus your STD network rate)
  • Call 09011 21 44 07 (calls cost 25p, mobile costs may vary)
  • Hit your red button to vote on interactive TV (Sky, Freeview, Cable) (votes cost 25p)