As you may have noticed the site has got some more stuff published now. The “Also” and “About” pods are both now up. The ColdFusion and Diabetes both have content in with a new tutorial (Windows 2000 System Dependencies) published. The portfolio section, including archives, and the archived posts are 2 remaining things to be done before I can then start on new content. That might get slightly delayed as a new release of is due with a nice new, slick look and feel, full RSS feeds, MySQL backend (no more crappy MS Access). It’s 80% complete now and should be appearing in a browser near you soon. Edit 22:04 - Also now on some posts you’ll see an extra link in the footer section called “Alias”. If I’ve created an alias for a post you can link to it via a shorter, less complex link, like: You can still link to the full entry by using the post title as well.