Got this in an email today and feel I should spread the word.

Right, I’m not normally one to be appealing about this kinda stuff, I certainly don’t go around forcing my political views on people, but I saw Mark Thomas (a UK comedian) yesterday in the Edinburgh festival, and I feel I should try and pass on his message to even a few people. I need to say I don’t know the full situation (Mark Thomas made it extremely clear tho). I might not be exactly right with what I say, but I’m gonna try and give the general summary of it. Basically, it’s about multinational companies, in this case namely Coca Cola, and what is happening in Colombia. Coca cola are employing workers in s* conditions and crappy pay. they do this all over the world you will say, and they do, but in Comolbia they are blatantly doing some SERIOUSLY underhand stuff. As we all probably know, Colombia is a poverty ridden state, which has a ridiculously corrupt government. Colombian paramilitaries have a strong place in the power over the country. Coca Cola have quite clearly been working with these paramilitaries, and they have actually been killing people in the trade unions, and threatening kidnap and death to members of trade unionist’s families. this is actually happening, not some conspiracy theory s*, make no mistake. Once the people in unions have been eliminated, there is no one to appeal for these workers at these plants, and Coca Cola then lower wages. Have a look here at what has been happening in more detail: Now, my appeal is this. boycott Coca Cola. Mark Thomas said this at the end of his two hour show. That the workers and unionists who are being terrified and abused don’t ask for people to go to Colombia and help them, they don’t ask for money from other countries to help them. All they ask is that you stop drinking Coca Cola. that’s all. I personally am not going to touch a drop of the stuff anymore. I wish you could see Mark thomas state the facts in his brilliant way for yourself. I’m sure I don’t get this across very well, but it’s just so important. Please take a few minutes to look at this and perhaps you will be swayed to stop drinking coke. Have an orange juice instead, much healthier (a can of coke has 12 lumps of sugar in it ffs). —-