Installed CF7 last night along side my existing CF6.1 install. Choose the server install and the built-in server, which, worked out 8500 was in use and used 8501 (changable I know but still nice). Install went fine and when finished it even had created the URL in the installer correctly to reflect the port I’d choosen which 6.1 never did. Couple of notes thought, firstly if you’re running Norton A/V, turn it off, leaving it on will cause a 20 minute delay in the installer actually doing anything as it scans everything that’s extracted. Second the MySQL driver in the admin is showing as “MySQL (3.x)”, bit confusing as you could think this is only a driver for 3.x DB, which, I don’t, well hope, it isn’t. All in all some nice new features and overall a very good product. Until I’ve played some more I can’t really say what I do and don’t like. Once again couple of wishes still, CFIMAP would be nice to see included and also an Email event gateway. That could be written but I’m not Java’ery (yeah, I know great english) to create one. If anybody does though let me know!