This might be of use, had MySQL 3.23.xx running on the RedHat 9 box which I needed to update to 4.0.24 This information I picked up off a the MySQL site but might be handy for someone. —- I’ve successfully upgraded MySQL on a Redhat 9 server by following these steps:

  1. Download the server, client, and “Dynamic client libraries (including 3.23.x libraries)” rpms.
  2. rpm -Uvh –nodeps MySQL-server-4.0.16-0.i386.rpm
  3. rpm -Uvh MySQL-shared-compat-4.0.16-0.i386.rpm
  4. rpm -Uvh MySQL-client-4.0.16-0.i386.rpm
  5. I had to manually kill the mysqld process and restart, but after that everything works fine, including my php code.

    You can download from here look for the RPM section.