Or should it be “I used to be a celebrity now I just want some publicity” Brother? You may call my synic but I think “celebrity” is a bit of a stretch for describing the contenders this time round. I only watched the first programme to see who was going in, and, it was rubbish. Faria, or “fire alarm” is not a celebrity at all. Her intro said she hated the 3 weeks of press she got when she slept her way around the FA (so it’s claimed) she hated, so why the hell is she on a 3 week show in which all she will get is publicty! Michael Barrymore clearly is trying to relaunch himself, and, I suppose fair play but not the ideal launch in my opinion, certainly proved he can entertain by milking the crowd. Clearly history between Traci & Dennis, Maggot has to win really, just because. This is the first and last comment on CBB 2006 (at least for now =) ). Big Brother - the official Big Brother UK website from Channel 4