Interesting article on the BBC News site today title From iPhone to iGroan. The iPhone sure looks nice and has some cool features, but, with us Brits having to wait until the end of the year for release and the fact it’s not 3G and no UTMS support I’m not sure how useful it’ll be, especially as Apple are pushing it as a web device. That said Apple Inc. as they now are having dropped the “Computers” part of their name still have the fanboys to ensure it’s a success. The Sony Ericsson walkman range of phones do pretty much the same music playing job. Ah well, each to their own. Apple TV looks like a much better thing to have been announced on the back of MacWorld but as I don’t have much video on my PC I’ll be sticking with my Squeezebox for now. Noticed as well that Sony have announced a new Vaio TP1 which is very similar in it’s cylinder shape to Microsofts home hub both announced at CES this year. Going to be an interesting year for digital homes I think.