So after months of slagging Mac’s off and talking myself out of buying one I’ve cracked. My new shiny white Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz 2GB RAM Macbook is on it’s way but NOT from Apple… grrr… I’m very tempted to go on a serious rant about why but suffice to say after 8 approved transactions on my credit card the less said about Apple’s online store and their seaming in ability to do anything about it the better. The lovely people at John Lewis however have my Macbook with the courier and it’ll be on my desk in the morning, and, with a discount voucher was cheaper and quicker and with more warrenty than from Apple in the first place! Considering Apple’s reputation I expected a painless process, it was not to be. Interestingly the credit card company said that Dell and Apple are 2 of the worst online retailers for failed transactions or with transactions that cause problems. Still use a PC at work and PC at home, but, with Solaris box and a Linux box and now Macbook I’ve got all O/S’s covered :)