Had my iPhone about 2 weeks when through no dropping, hitting or otherwise obvious force the screen cracked. Not the top screen but the underlying layer rendering it useless. I took it back into the O2 store where I’d got it and showed the manager who said they’d send it off for repair. OK, that’s fine 7-10 working days turn around, not great but at least I’ll get a phone back. 2 working days (plus a weekend) later my replacement iPhone arrives in store. Once I’d got it home I plugged it in to sync it up and iTunes asked me if I wanted to restore my settings, so, yeah I do. All seems fine, go through an activation process of my mobile number, mac account and email and all is well and I carry on. Next time I plugged the phone in to sync it I was asked to put my mobile number and mac account etc. After the third or forth time this gets quite annoying. Apple support were 100% useless. I was told the only fix was to reinstall iTunes and that they’d email me details. Twice I rang and twice nothing. After some googling and trying every option until the last one of choosing the restore option I went for it and I’m pleased to say it worked. It backed up my settings, downloaded the firmware, did it’s thing and restored and activated all fine. O2 store great, Google great, Apple’s phone support definitely needs some work though.