When O2 said limited supply they really weren’t kidding. If Apple seriously did under estimate demand they need to take a look at how they market. Spending a whole month saying, “the one you’ve been waiting for” and “it’s coming, July 11” what did they really think would happen? Anyway, I’ve got iPhone 2.0 firmware running on my 1st gen iPhone and it’s nice. The apps are cool and the calendar changes along with multiple delete/move in email is really handy. The battery life is less with MobileMe running push hourly. A couple of good, in depth reviews have now popped up. arstechnica.com and iLounge are the two best I’ve read. I have to say I’m now not sure about it now. I was all for it, but, will Apple release another one in 6-9 months? Maybe. Will I upgrade? Watch this space.