Overall: Must try harder. I have an original 2G iPhone and now have a 3G iPhone with work. I’ve been comparing the two and have some initial thoughts on what needs to get sorted. The signal strength on the 3G phone is worse than the 2G one, but, only with 3G turned on. If you turn 3G off on O2’s UK network the signal strength goes back to full. Also the 3G data speeds are seemingly only slightly faster than EDGE which is a disappointment. Neither the 2G or 3G phones map “locate me” function works anymore and with the 3G iPhone I can’t any sign that GPS exists at all again with this being one of the key new features and potential sell points for me to upgrade mine, a disappointment. In both the Settings > Phone menu and the contact list on the 2G phone “My number” is displayed at the top which is quite handy, on the 3G phone there’s no sign of that. It may be something I’ve not setup right but in side by side comparisons of menu’s etc I can’t spot it. The screen on the 3G is definitely brighter and as reviews suggest slightly more yellow, doesn’t really matter though as I think it looks better. Also the sound quality on the 3G is superior both in ear sound quality and volume and the speaker quality and volume. Apple are in beta for 2.1 which I hope fixes these niggly things. Locate me not working and crappy 3G pick up could be O2’s fault, but, it could be hardware or software. I’d lean to software and Apple as on the 2G with 1.1.4 locate me worked just fine. As for MobileMe, well, after by 99 remaining days are up thanks to Apple for 2 lots of extra 30 days, I think I’ll be ditching it. SpanningSync 2.0 is looking like the main contender at the moment.