I’ve managed to reach my fitness goal a bit early. I’ve  got myself to 1000m/40 lengths in the pool (25m) ahead of when I wanted to. I was hoping to make it by the end of the month but am early. Problem is now deciding on what the next goal should be. I did 40 lengths in 40 minutes so I guess I need to try and get that down by 10 minutes but if I get to 1000m in 30 minutes then it’s not going to be pushing myself. I guess the next step is try to get all the way up to 2000m in less than an hour but that’s quite a long way off! I do also need to do other stuff though. I’ve been neglecting the gym a bit and concentrating on the swimming so I may just keep the swimming pace as is and then go for doing a goal on either rowing machine, bike or treadmill. I hate the treadmill/running so I think I might start out with cycling or rowing. Next time I go to the gym I’ll let you know what happens.