The continued, and if by continued I mean actually starting, migration of my sites over the Rackspace Cloud is moving forward again at last. I’ve nearly finished setting up the initial Cloud Servers and all the DNS. The 4th server setup this evening however shows more signs of the move from Mosso to Rackspace Cloud, the inital RDNS entry for the previous 3 had been addresses but this time out it’s A quick lookup shows that the domain still lives on slicehost nameservers and has a Rackspace contact but I guess it’s movement. Some changes are present in the control panel but not a lot, maybe they’ll be more or maybe it is just a logo update. Update: So after some playing I’m not going anywhere. The cloud servers are great, real easy to get running but for what I’m doing and have hosted, mess around with etc a dedicated box is ideal. Currently with The Planet and have a good deal, a UK server would be nice but the cost just doesn’t make it viable right now. I might look at either a bigger TP box, more RAM or go to iWeb or ServerBeach but not sure - any recommendations or reviews of those?