After much debating, researching, comparing and generally going round and round in circles I have once again changed my dedicated host. I had a box from The Planet over in sunny Texas which was great, got it on an offer and paid in USD so it worked out great. Problem started to come in that I wanted to upgrade the spec, perhaps more memory, CPU etc. After research most truly dedicated boxes worked out too expensive even in USD as the sites I host are mostly personal ones and I don’t get much money for them. VPS/Cloud of course was an option and having tried The Rackspace Cloud (formally Mosso), looking at Slicehost and’s VPS offering I found Memset. I’d heard of them in the past but quickly found quite a few people who’d used them and had good things to say. Having signed up my payment was taken quickly and my virtual box was online in less than 15 minutes. The couple of issues I’ve had have been dealt with very quickly and so far performance of the box outweighs that of the fully dedicated machine. Only issue is the DNS control panel is very basic and is not particularly well designed or user friendly. If you understand DNS you’ll be fine, if you don’t, you won’t. Basically I’d recommend them and now all my sites are happily running from the UK based datacenter.