OK, now some of you may and some of you may not have heard of Googlewhack and of course Googlewhacking, either way, it’s highly amusing. Somewhat made famous I suppose by Dave Gorman (a very funny man, with a beard) in his show. Off on a quick tangent, Dave’s show, his “Googlewhack Adventure”, was absolutely brilliant, hilarious and very very good. Pretty sure the tour has finished now but I saw it back on Dec 3rd up at the Apollo in London with my girlfriend and couldn’t stop laughing. If you did miss it there is of course a book (Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure) which is available now.Anyway, back to Googlewhacking, it’s in short the idea that you go off to google.com, put in 2 words (and only 2) which are both real and must be listing in dictionary.com and when you search they bring bring only 1 result. See now you’re thinking I can do that, well, off you go then… For full details check the official site.