Beagle 2 it appears has gone missing. The announcement was given yesterday which is a shame. Although the Yanks may have there one working at least we landed first :) Relating to the US lead program I found some stuff.

They’ve released the data which has been sent back and you can download a funky Java app to view the data. You can get it over at Maestro Headquarters. Full information on the project is available at the NASA site. I reckon in the spirit of it all NASA should send the Spirit Rover to go find Beagle, but hey, what are the odds of that.

I’ve got a conspiracy theory though, I reckon the little green men are stealing all the probes and stuff we send up and running their own version of Scrapheap Challenge. Somewhere on Mars there’s a pile of our technology and some aliens having a whale of a time. Anyway, back on Earth…

Note The Maestro link for the app doesn’t work 13 years later so here’s one that seems to be the same thing.