MovableType version 2.661 has been released, so having just upgraded to 2.65 I thought I may as well go to 2.661. Nothing major is different, a security fix pretty much.

Whilst doing this I’ve also started to finally get the old defusionx content onto the site. I’m going to use MovableType to manage this content as well, using Brad Choate’s method. One change can be made to his guide though now that 2.65 has been released. There is a standard tag MTIfNonEmpty which can be used to replace Brad’s MTIfEmtpy plugin.

For users on 2.65+ when setting the Individual Entry Archive filename template, you can now use:

<$MTEntryCategory lower_case=“1”$><MTIfNonEmpty tag=“EntryCategory”>/</MTIfNonEmpty><$MTEntryTitle dirify=“1”$>.html