No, there’s no inspiration from Game of Thrones (I don’t watch it). After about five years of just having a holding page, procrastination to rival no-one bar myself and a link to the old archives there’s something new here now.

There’s a bunch of caveats, because, well it’s not really done.

  • The design will change - not sure to what, but, I suspect something based on parts of the Lanyon & Kasper themes. Right now it’s using the default minima theme with a couple of tweaks.
  • The content isn’t right - I’ll post more about migration once I’m done, but, the content isn’t fully converted to Markdown. I’ve done some programatically but it’s just not safe enough and not right enough. Oddly the recent and oldest posts are done, with a massive chunk in the middle that could look a bit odd.
  • Projects; sites I’ve worked on, designed and/or host
  • Code Snippets; my collection shared for the world
  • Search; maybe algolia, maybe something else

I picked Jekyll for a few reasons. I wanted a static site at the end of it all, not Wordpress. I wanted to play with Jekyll and perhaps write some plugins to do things with custom data (like a CV module - maybe, projects I’ve worked on etc.) and it’s a bit more ruby to play with.

Update: 27-10-2017

So under the hood changes so far. I’m not sure if code snippets are going to make it, I think they may end up in a GitHub repo but I’m not decided.

I’ve change the reading time to word count as it’s a bit more useful, kinda.

I’m going to the change the design. I don’t like the font, there’s still some inconstancies and I think I might start from scratch and base it some others I’ve seen. I still might try Lanyon.