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September 2011

is writing php. i’d like to add i’m drinking beer to ease me through it. also still dreaming of the 3l bottle of jack. it all helps.

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does anyone know if you can buy 1.75lt bottles of in the UK?

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@neilmiddleton what’s guard? google results in far to much randomness!

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@innocentdrinks hey guys, are the “hats” going to be in stores again this year? i have a collection of 20 and they need friends! =D

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@stooty i followed you through the great park… busting out a few tyre warming wiggles :)

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has made some progress. i think i’ve got my new website colour scheme sorted, just, no idea what to put on it or what it should look like

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Love it! @LaurenBarnesWLD et al busting out queen full pelt on the boat. You rock.

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loves scripts that get 99.7% of the way through (that took 2.5 hours) and break.

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feels good. managed 20 lengths in 25 minutes last night after an age out the pool and my shoulders don’t kill.

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TheGhoti What’s a pirate’s favourite animal? Arrrrrrmadillo!

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@andrewgarner come on now, bust out the happy hardcore and got on it like sonic

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has been asked a few times what i want for my 30th. right now, a cloning machine would be really useful and a s*** load of JD and coke

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@shewhobangs i’m confused. are you saying you’re a good faker? incidentally, how can you have squeezed legs - you’re tiny!

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@MelKirk the baseballs aren’t too bad. couple of albums of spotify - worth a listen.

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@timblair @jsboulanger +1 on that, the globaldev account also got some scammy spammy looking tweets. hope you’re well!

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@hermioneway it’s got some kind of safe list as well. put in some words and it replaces them with kittens.

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@barryf that’s pretty cool, going to have a play with that. you finally caught up and got anytime+ then :)

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should stop.
fuck it.
One more.

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meant revolution not reflex. reflex was empty. being on the vodka. oh and here’s Lindsey twitpic.com/6lwyj7gtwitpic.com/6lwyj6LS

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got id’d to get in reflex. Boom! dvla have license for address change. got in anyway.

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is listening a shit dj. snake bite and black ftw! twitpic.com/6lwggnstwitpic.com/6lwghkH0

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is sad @barryf is missing out on summer of 69… his favourite!

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is in the walkabout with stu, baker, fubar, blow and lindsey. this could go badly.

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@adam_reid bear in mind your bandwidth on top, and, that’s only a diddie one - performance might suck :)

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What does your Web look like? mzl.la/qUjPHW2 via@firefoxx - i own a spork, a moleskin, carabiner, multitool and hip flask so not bad!

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@ChloeBenn so, are you saying there’s no point calling you pretty as you won’t remember it?

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is very much looking forward to hitting Reading this evening with the international man of mystery big stu, baker, blow and friends.

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2by The release of these tapped Scarlett Johanson photos has completely altered my stance on phone hacking ethics.

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is developing a hatred of technology.

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@Adamrneale right now, very little. we use it for use & discard staging instances for app dev. basic web sites otherwise - nothing critical

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wonders what’s after “going postal”, “going courier”?

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@Adamrneale that’s subjective. depends what you’re using it for. can get expensive real quick! what you using it for?

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has comments about suppliers that are neither suitable for or that could be contained in 140 characters

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@Alexi_xx yes alex, i think so. i’d quite like a baby owl. i’ve discovered this evening they’re called owlet’s. everyone is found of owls.

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@UK2 as in shared nameservers i can use, don’t want to run my own.

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@UK2 some wordpress sites, basic php, basic ruby on rails - i don’t think you guys offer dns which memset does so at the moment i’m staying

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need to save costs on my VPS, currently have VM2000 with @Memset_Ltd - any recommendations on alternatives? @UK2 is one.

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@andrewgarner i don’t want to look at your dancing feet… weirdo ;)

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needs to remember to buy a euromillion ticket. i need to win. money may not buy happiness, but, a plane ticket and alcohol it will.

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went with dad and got all the stuff needed to re-felt the garage roof. now to hope it stops raining so we can do it one weekend!

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has a cold coming. feels like shit. weather sucks. hope to god this week wasn’t like last.

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is really god damn unfit. need to do something drastic.

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jasonkneen Now THAT is a pool table. @globalpersonals know how to do it. pic.twitter.com/qiqxIHv

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@Haribocheeks sprinkle the twirl over the turnover, then you have chocolate covered apple turnover.

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@kevinhyam what does it sell, ken’s and drew’s?

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@therunningdude make sure you try tusker beer when you’re there :)

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aurosan This is possibly the greatest thing I’ve seen anyone ever do with an iPhone before: bit.ly/p6d4LI

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@TheGhoti Ha! I had bacon on Monday and never even knew!

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has better things to spend money on but, dilemma - 100 quid iPad (64GB) or cheap(ish) iPad 2 off eBay or wait for iPad 3

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@System_Sagepay any idea how long your half hour maintenance is going to last? up to 45 minutes so far…

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is hot. just for a change the office aircon is broken.

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is glad it’s friday.

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@rackerhacker works best if it’s the person right beside you as well

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updating the harmony remote, hunting for cheap iPad 2’s and trying my moscow mule out.

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@jasonkneen when in doubt reboot. that’s the oldest ops trick in the book ;) i’ll have you on a windows machine in no time.

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