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April 2012

has eventually mastered firing the car seat base. now to get the car seat in it. thought I should et it down down pre baby arrival!

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@JamesLafferty cheers James. it didn’t get much better!

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just been asked by a German school kid if I have a fire for her, what she meant was a lighter. saved by cigarette gesticulation.

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@andrewgarner unlikely, @therunningdude can’t pull off moves like that - no stop, drop and collar pull, he’ll know ;) cc/ @LaurenBarnesWLD

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is pleased to discover it’s annual penguin awareness day penguingeek.wordpress.com/2007/04/25/wor…H via@AL0sbornee

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might actually be able to think about going to bed. this thought starting over 2 hours ago… i’m knackered!

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@agit8or i don’t have the capacity for humour today so afraid not. “authorisation timeouts” again. sagepay.com/system_monitoru

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is staggered. the supplier that’s been screwed all afternoon is now screwed again!!!! I JUST WANT TO GO TO BED FFS!

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@andrewgarner it would, but, i can’t drink in case the flippin’ late baby decides to make an appearance!

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this day can’t get worse. shit uncaring nhs staff, shit suppliers, shit technology, shit customer care from companies. we continue…

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only @sagepay could cache their status page and tell you it could take up to 10 minutes to update.

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thanks to the i’m now in a really really shit mood.

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from @AmazonUK “Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company” - you’re failing - you still use yodel/hdnl!!

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is unsurprised that once again a @AmazonUK delivery by hasn’t turned up. what’s the point in prime when your suppliers don’t deliver!

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innocentdrinks Happy St. George’s Day. Here’s a guide to slaying a dragon. pic.twitter.com/UAyvdkok

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has found a good use for phone camera’s and the internet boobstagram.frp

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@IanVaughan i bet you’ve got double rainbow playing in the background don’t you….

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is there any way to use CURLOPT_DNS_CACHE_TIMEOUT but not in php, just on the command line?

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feels like i’m bashing a dead frozen fish against a wall.

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amerbob Sniggering at my desk like a loon because of this —> “@OctoberJones: Furious. Text from Dog. twitpic.com/9ble7e

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has had hair cut, eaten my levi roots pepper pot chicken (not as g’d as the bbq one) & now back to work whilst waiting for baby developments

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globalpersonals We’re hiring! Check it out… bit.ly/HNbETe

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@jasonkneen i’ve had it spelt “Ean” as well before now.

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is very pleased to see heading back to the big time… premier league here we come!

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timblair knows next to nothing about pig-bladder-kicking, but is glad to see that the local side have something to celebrate

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@timminchin great job, it’s an awesome musical and good you’re getting recognition.

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has a plan. using mainly spoons.

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is watching concordia sinking caught on camera. captain knows he’s taking on water yet doesn’t evacuate! don’t know facts but pretty damning

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@kwinczek haha, no, nor the j.d. one. i opted for raiding the medicine cabinet and found some left over codine. seems to be helping.

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@IAMKELLYWARE push through those thoughts kelly… you don’t have to do it

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might end up in a&e this w/e. cough that makes it impossible to breath and induces vomit and stops you sleeping isn’t really sustainable.

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@easyjo i’ve thought about this and decided my answer is no. good luck though.

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@MelKirk shame you put them in a teacup ;) hope you’re feeling ok!

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globalpersonals No sign of here @globalpersonals! Pastries, bacon rolls, and fresh coffee on the go!

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@AL0sborne been using tulisa’s video for tips?

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innocentdrinks Today is bring a badger to work day. And if it isn’t, it should be

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Loud_one@UberFacts: The postal code for Delta, Canada is V4G 1N4.” This made me giggle!

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wonders if anyone has gotten @Percona 5.5.21 to build on a lion osx machine? yes, i know it’s not supported.

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@neilmiddleton did that last night. might have to try another one!

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still doesn’t have any sign of anything happening in the wife + baby department. hopefully this tweet will hurry him along!

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@jasonkneen I need to get one. Where was it from??? Not for me by the way!

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@thesambarnes jesus man, you’re too old for spring break cc/ @mmazour

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can’t believe there is actually snow forecast this week. that’s a little bit crazy!

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@MelKirk think of it like this. better safe than dead. :)

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has another delay with High Performance MySQL v3. ordered ages ago via @AmazonUK & now supplier delay until end of the month! @Perconacona

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would like to point out to @YodelNews that a “safe place” is not leaving a package outside my hour in full street view, unprotected.

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