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June 2016

@WindsorEtonBrew thanks, will pop in tomorrow lunch and have pinged an email over.

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@WindsorEtonBrew hi, do you know when the Knight Club online registration will be opening again? also, do you have Canberra bottles in stock

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bring on the 🐙, right first tinot

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robertshrimsley Time for another run of the greatest ever Gove cartoon pic.twitter.com/BeieuHZI0J

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@CrossCountryUK hey, your SSL certificate on farefinder.crosscountrytrains.co.uk has expired & shows a warning in browser. suggest getting techs to fix

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it does seem like some of the older generation who won’t be affected have screwed us. we shall see #nothopeful https://t.co/5brPkpzv0s

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@neilmiddleton Genuinely considering it - I am married to one so slightly easier. Are you off there as well?

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@grayhaze not true. the eurovision is based on the EBU, different thing. you’ll still have to suffer it.

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Akil_N_Awan The Old have voted for a future the Young didn’t want, but who’ll live with the outcome for far longer pic.twitter.com/9Wo8uLaP7O

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so Scotland votes remain, prediction now is them to vote leave the UK and then join Europe.

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Pound crashing already. Great.

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wakes up to feed Hudson Checks news. Very sad face. Leave is not a good thing.

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RT @boffbowsh: *wakes up*
*checks phone*
Oh fuck

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just read about @Comodo_SSL going after @letsencrypt - https://t.co/RLEdZFaxio - will actively not choose comodo moving forward

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TheLazyDog_ I don’t know why people get confused, it’s very simple… pic.twitter.com/xUCJ2X6fs8

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@MelKirk no. you haven’t got vomit, or, poo on you.

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@1Password thanks for reply - I found that after I tweeted you :( Just make it free :) Might be worth adding that to the /knox product page.

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@1Password hey, you can still download Knox, but, can’t pay for it. is it completely EOL’d now?

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stevesmith2609 Please don’t let your apathy be the reason we leave the EU; this is TOO IMPORTANT! Take 5 minutes to VOTE IN tomorrow

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@rosswilliams also maple syrup and big trucks I could drive

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@rosswilliams would make live easier that’s for sure. I knew there was a reason I did it 😄

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very worried our appalling media coverage and lying politicians will destroy the country tomorrow.

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innocent 3-0 in , 0-0 in . Walruses 3 - 0 Humans. pic.twitter.com/LNfItL1rGB

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please keep this view America! “Mr Trump is suffering in political polls lately, with most voters viewing him as “strongly unfavourable”.”

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Paul’s right, it really is a great album and I’m not through it yet. https://t.co/POBla08QTw

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Happy Father’s Day dads. My boys got me two cool t’s and know the story well it seems… pic.twitter.com/ADtv39nNhM

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@jessicakeogh well, unless you’re going to get funky in the club bathrooms you’ve got to go somewhere.

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it was either going to be controversy over penalties √, or, offside √ … winning formu2GWAL

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@Dominos_UK you should sort your website out. Wokingham store isn’t allowing deliveries online but actually is. Wasted trip to collect!

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Yotters_ I know my mind is not exactly the tidiest, but can anybody else see a massive cock on the right? pic.twitter.com/HuCUDy3W5O

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sh*t’s getting real, school uniform has partly been purchased.

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joewalnes omgees!!! Unix has a built in JavaScript module bundler:

$ cat file1.js file2.js file3.js > app.js

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AlecMuffett My laptop is set up to take a picture after 3 incorrect password attempts fb.me/58fFSVa02

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@jessicakeogh should he just grab your bum and push you on? ;)

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davidmackau Here’s the email BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti sent us all a short time ago pic.twitter.com/pwNohTCIZL

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first order with @AmazonUK prime now and you can track where it is! important delivery as well because i need new kettle to make coffee.

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@SkyHelpTeam I rebooted the router and it works now 😃 will keep an eye on it

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@SkyHelpTeam any issues with broadband in the Wokingham area? Got orange light when plugged to master socket.

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@RealBradHaverly @sainsburys that’s what I’ve been waiting for! need to import my favourites from tesco and I’d be set (& a delivery pass)

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@sainsburys hi, importing favourites from Tesco isn’t working using groceries section of your site. keen to move to you guys, can you help?

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RT @ourmatechris: We are trying to find our mate Chris a Miss!! Please RT!! ❤️ #findchrisamiss @FirstDates

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first time using @GreenFlagUK via @NatWest_Help; got there in under an hour, fixed the problem and luckily only need a new battery for now

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great overview of web security history https://t.co/bdR7bygASi

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