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April 2014

@TheKirstyWard really, you chose that phrase having come from here…

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@SlackHQ hey, looks like slack isn’t responding - our domain just times out

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@NatWest_Help any idea when the mortgage team might answer the phone? in the last 3 days have tried 3 times >1hr on hold no answer

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nathanpitman @ian_winter I don’t need a to do list app, that’s what I have my wife for. Also includes push notifications.

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@james_allardice think it’s probably just here (the office) looking at this: https://t.co/KrLHXjNVgQ

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@james_allardice you might do - but the rest of the world might not. welcome to the joy of dns propagation and caching

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@carmat71 @james_allardice actually it’s 1andshit - dig +short @ns68.1and1.co.uk jslinterrors.comj returns nothing

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@carmat71 @james_allardice it’s up - it’s the office dns, not returning an A record. works fine from my vps

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@innocentdrinks shouldn’t it be scone or scon? … i’m in the scone camp either way

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the to getting hired is turning up to the interview

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lovely day in the city at @globalpersonals office. we’re hiring! pic.twitter.com/221TqFDfSCC

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happy St. George’s day. just passed the home of English rugby and remembered, shame I wasn’t going to match though

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@NatWest_Help not on twitter thanks JL. Font size was just a bit scary!

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not even on a train and it appears to have been cancelled already. FFS.

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omg, public transport is horrible. train times from wokingham to waterloo in the morning at simply evil.

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just used @NatWest_Help’s online mortgage information viewer. quite depressing the remaining balance is about 400 point font size!

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RT @CraigGrannell: New iOS 1Password update just showed up in the App Store. Now 50% off. Well worth buying. https://t.co/3Kt0bLDusV

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@nationalrailenq that works as I don’t think I have enough cash. thanks :)

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@rosswilliams it’s down here. they use @fastly and that error means the config has been removed/updated - doesn’t know what to serve

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hey do Wokingham station car park machines take cards or are they cash only? Cc @nationalrailenq

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RT @neilmiddleton: I’d like a version of Amazon Prime that doesn’t require me to pay for the second rate streaming of content nobody wants.

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@System_Sagepay hey, are you having issues? transactions seem missing in MSP and we can’t process refunds/voids it seems

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@MelKirk leave that in dedworth tesco carpark long it’ll be gone ;)

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BBC News - Beard trend is ‘guided by evolution’ bbc.in/1m74rpDr - pretty sure it’s being too lazy to shave :)

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@carmat71 no. if the queen is in, it is, otherwise it’s the union flag en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_JackY

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@carmat71 you know it’s actually this one that’s flying? https://t.co/uRdxzUqHfH

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if the sun continues I may just break out the lobster pic.twitter.com/AATkY5Ptiaa

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@nstanley nope, but my little one’s only 23 months :)

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@pingdom thanks. i have now. the reason you were good was that it was basic monitoring & alerting. you aren’t that now.

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@pingdom seriously, the new “app” is not useful. how do i just get an alert? i don’t want it “assigned” - why did you drop basic monitoring?

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in one release @pingdom just became a real ball ache and not what we actually need it for. just want alerting ffs.

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@Haribocheeks without context you know that leaves things open to interpretation

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@Dyn u know the ruby email api doesn’t work with your current API. i can’t remember if it was auth, or, calls but has issues with something

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@rackspaceUK hey had an email from someone at havasmedia re: seo & a cloud post on my blog. bit odd, says he works for you, is it legit?

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@ThreeUKSupport can you follow me so i can DM you, or, should I email? >k

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@ThreeUKSupport 4g coverage. they said in wokingham it’s newly enabled so prob. wouldn’t work. you sent a text saying it does. misleading.

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