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February 2016

So @Jeremy_Hunt she got that care at the weekend and didn’t die? Stop lying. Get some real facts and get the f*** out

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that thing where you hear a track from a new band on spotify, try the album and it’s, well, not quite on par with the track :(

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@jamisonmatt well, you have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & the it starts again. You know, moon, sun, stuff

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listening to music again with the boys, Sully’s comment ‘I like bunky (funky)’

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@WokinghamBC how do I find what breaches of planning applications have occurred? I know there’s been one on Emmbrook NDR but want details.

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yet more reasons why @adobe has frankly, gone to shit - https://t.co/6vMHSL6OhV

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@MelKirk 24 hour anything needs to be known, cravings know no bounds. petrol stations can often surprise with their selection.

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@AmazonHelp no, I was in though, the principal of ringing and going is my issue. if it had been taken I’d have never known it was there.

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whilst @AmazonUK Sunday deliveries are good, leaving it on door step, ringing the bell & driving off not knowing I’m in isn’t as good

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@jamisonmatt true. I was under pressure tweeting and dancing 😉ðŸ”

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@kevinhyam one decade at a time. don’t want the dance then out. footloose and Rasputin up next

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schoolin’ the kids about music. mc hammer, ice ice baby, cotton eye joe.
None of the modern samples crap

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adamhillscomedy Ha! huntjeremy.co.uk has had over 2 million hits in 24 hours. Thanks to all @TheLastLeg viewers.

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I wonder what the German for status page is? pretty sure @wirecard don’t know. over 30 hours outage now. @getmondo customers be afraid!

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RT @janramm87: @wirecard are you serious with this outage? Now 18h without payment and without communication. THIS IS A DESASTER!

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@pohlipit portal still dead. I think some have gone through but absolutely no comms and not convinced it’s back

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@KarolZielinski @wirecard they’ve been down since 13:30 GMT - and still are.

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@wirecard how about telling customers when your system is down. over six hours now. no replies to email, no status updates.

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very sad to hear Conservative held on in Emmbrook, they’ve lied, ignored the public & just don’t give a crap https://t.co/iXN6F452fx

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if anyone I know in the UK or Canada want a website, Wordpress or just something simple then give me a shout. would love to help if I can.

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looks like the app store got out of bed the wrong side this morning. 503’s on desktop and iPhone doesn’t work either.

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@SleepFairyDee Hi Dee, dropped you an email earlier today. I’m sure you’re busy but would really appreciate some help :)

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@nathanpitman nope, but, BT is dead as a donut nationwide.

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