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October 2015

just go buzzed by the red arrows in formation over Wokingham. pic.twitter.com/0aPle6kBAr

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GarethSoye *buys printer* pic.twitter.com/MipHiFxrRL

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so @ShowcaseCinemas reading got an upgrade. reclining seats, Costa, impressive! now for spectre, though I’m closing my ears for the theme

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@rackspaceUK looks like it’s just because I’m on lots of group mails, so cloud accounts etc.

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@majorhayden now, DHCP, LAN and WAN is pretty much all I understand from that ;)

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@majorhayden from what I’ve read & what from ipv6 council preso: “WAN side DHCPv6 PD,
LAN side SLAAC with stateless DHCPv6 for DNS info”

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turns out @SkyUK are giving out IPv6 to routers now, happened to check mine using icanhazip.com (shout to @majorhayden)

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@lightboxstudios it was a lot smaller this year, afternoon + dinner. you’d have to have a poke at Hannah /teflonshoulders :)

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@lightboxstudios check it off the bucket list anyway, being organised (Done, at least once)

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@MelKirk Ronald McDonald? The Tooth Fairy?

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@lightboxstudios you are organised, you already ready. ahead of the curve.

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LEGO_Group Get ready to bust some ghosts! First look at set 75827 LEGO @Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters available Jan 2016! pic.twitter.com/TRbCYevLga

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@keithclarkcouk proper flipped out when I tried to login to my own Google Apps account, basically I couldn’t

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I hate to give this guy promotion, but, the content is so, well, mad! spam email viral? pic.twitter.com/UckznGbV2n

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@MelKirk amazon prime music will also make you cry, along with a crap selection of music! amazon really don’t do ux at all well

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want a new job? we’ve got something for everyone @venntro - take a look at careers.venntro.com and let me know if you’re interested

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so @AtikWindsor has been testing their sound system since 8:30 this morning, my cup of coffee is vibrating Jurassic Park style cc/ @RBWM

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any folks fancy unofficially helping work out why hf902-00007.jar breaks with Java 1.8 (I know it’s not supported)

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if you have a Zafira B, call a dealer, now (or tomorrow) - https://t.co/CFGWwMnwEh - ours is booked in next week

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anyone want to go and see the new Bond film some time? the wife isn’t keen so I need a one night date to save me being “that guy” on my own

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RT @timblair: El Capitan doesn’t come with a linkable OpenSSL. Here’s an rbenv plugin to use Homebrew’s version for Ruby installs: https://…

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xaprb I always knew Hey Jude was a finite state machine with an infinite loop. pic.twitter.com/Eo50rNTTA7

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eek… excited much! â@simonbinghamam: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer (Officialbuff.ly/1M49sxdg4 vi@YouTubebe”

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@MelKirk 70’s porn music playing anywhere?

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any recommendations for fire tablet cases with stand ability? i love the @BuiltNY cases, but, no stand obviously

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@stevesmith2609 open the message app and click all of them, mine does that sometimes and that’s all i’ve found that’ll fix it

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peterc So the new beta of the Companies House site lets you download company accounts & all sorts totally free now: beta.companieshouse.gov.uk

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so London bus was too efficient. now am early. pic.twitter.com/Ic2HOtbQrZZ

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two firsts today. heading up @LondonGherkin for dinner courtesy of @Dyn this evening & likely I’m going to try a London Bus

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I think this convention should catch on! â™spoti.fi/LIbm4S7Pt

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any recommendations on best and easiest way to get from Waterloo to the @LondonGherkin ?

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just read about Alex Salmond travelling under an alias. f**k off. another politician setting a great example. gladly beam him back to Scot’.

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