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August 2015

RT @TheOnion: ‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens https://t.co/5O0H2cszAl https://t.co/7fBzYnJTkq

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@MelKirk full of fakes and scammers? i don’t think @ASOS would like that :)

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car booting at Moss End, come buy some stuff! 😃🚙

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@AlecMuffett also “deep web” and “dark web”, is dark evil, not always. the internet is pretty damn deep all by itself!

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RidT Here’s the actual report that inspired Ellis, from 1944, 1.usa.gov/1MxVL7h — historic for public key encryption pic.twitter.com/koihYguOFC

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Please locate the two exits nearest you, keeping in mind that the closest exit may be behind you.

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getting very close to select all + archiving my inboxes to deal with them :)

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all go in the sky’s tonight. balloon and a flight of two, single prop and a dual one. pic.twitter.com/JBb6PWKUoQQ

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@boffbowsh @barryf careful it might snap, or, ping back and hit you in the face :)

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I cannot believe the Police are wasting their time on this - Police investigate ‘first cyber-flashing’ case https://t.co/hBnsxAllkX

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Touch and feel baby Jesus. Believe y’all. pic.twitter.com/nz1Wy16Glvv

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@jessicakeogh you’re just getting excited. calm yourself down ;)

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RT @GennadySimanovs: we rarely praise mechanics, but this is great- giant crane lifting a huge crane lifting a big crane lifting a crane

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happy as a kid in a box. he’s got some paint in there though. pic.twitter.com/65SELKQHl66

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@SkyHelpTeam thanks, it’s still all over the place, i will do when i’m at home, what hours do those guys work when i want to call?

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JessicaKeoghPA We are hiring a Receptionist - let me know if you would like to join our lovely office! goo.gl/u4rRtE

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wishing a very happy fifth wedding anniversary to my beautiful and wonderful wife, awesome mum of the munchins.

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this makes me angry. the dvla should know better with all the stupid limits they put on diabetics in the first place! https://t.co/jOJDLg16I5

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you know that feeling when you start looking at something then find things you wish you hadn’t that generate more work. yeah. that.

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rameshsrivats 04W24W0W04100000W40000110W020000401000W000000000101000011W0011200010040040000W1W30000000000000400000000000001004W: Aus innings in one tweet.

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Pedro_DeCastro Best firewall ever. @mikko pic.twitter.com/l8ebymNs42

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@SkyHelpTeam my adsl is about 2/3’s speed it was, when i follow all your guides online doesn’t help & line checker says not supported.

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@NatWest_Help i’ve done that. will my current card still work, i chose “damaged” card but it’s fine in chip & pin and mag strip. thanks.

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@NatWest_Help no sign of visible damage. i can just order one via OLB it’s just a pain in the backside!

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@NatWest_Help it’s active, used in a cash machine and chip & pin in store more than once - had card months but only just tried contactless

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@NatWest_Help i’ve got a contactless debit card, but, doesn’t seem to work. not a new card only tried recently. diff cc in same store works.

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@SteveRudolfi hey, just found you responsive tweetnest post. did you ever do a pull request in git for that as looking to do that on mine.

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