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July 2015

Dyn It’s and we’re giving away stuff! Follow/RT to win one of these for the SysAdmin in your life! pic.twitter.com/6SfuPx7mNX

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BenedictEvans Mobile-only is now FB’s biggest segment and will pass half of all MAUs in a few months pic.twitter.com/PQlexD5M7H

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need more balls, feel free to mail me some cool marketing people. pic.twitter.com/0gUnLltKokk

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@mahabis hey, how does these fit should you want to wear them with socks… guessing they’re better without?

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today is a Jack day. maybe even a straight Jack day.

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@BBCNews you got a typo on the home page - bit not bid pic.twitter.com/AVTjTLbJ2PP

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GoogleforWork Some see a string of characters and symbols, SysAdmins see a big MAC. Confused? Ask your SysAdmin. pic.twitter.com/r9y8xnPMi7

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- Yay I get to work from home
- It would be nice to talk to people
- I hope that pigeon sits in the window today

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@majorhayden i added it to my whitelist, and, reported I thought the categorisation was wrong - hopefully you’re not hosting rubbish! ;)

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@majorhayden hey, not sure if you know but in the UK @SkyHelpTeam thinks ipv4/6 icanhazip.coma is dodgypic.twitter.com/g97YF6qEI1I1

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dinosaurs invading Sully’s play room thanks to super Mum pic.twitter.com/sa8HhFaFNee

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â@carmat7171: Wow! Just… w@STRML_Rstrml.netAbgwE@grantbunyanunyan” - I@keithclarkcoukarkcouk needs to accept this challenge ;)

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@lightboxstudios of course. can’t miss a deal 😉🍡

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sainsburys have a cracking offer, 2 for £2 or £1 eachpic.twitter.com/0h4vkeD8JW8JW

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@boffbowsh worryingly first artist in my list is the Hoff! @Spotify

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not sure if this is genius, dumb or contradicting using your phone in a petrol station! fixed price is fine if u know https://t.co/msDngBXryn

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barryf Pushed a quick facelift live for our old globaldev team site to match the new company @venntro branding: dev.venntro.com

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anyone I know in Wokingham have a chainsaw and some free time this afternoon? tree stump needs to shrink.

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@boffbowsh might be more interesting to watch than normal cricket

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i before e… except when you run a feisty heist on a weird beige foreign neighbour.

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@jessicakeogh you been in those ‘special’ clubs again?

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venntro Proud to host this amazing bunch @venntro’s London headquarters this evening.. @WWCLondon pic.twitter.com/T35nw3qw46

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jimmydivvy NASA: Decade long flight across the solar system. Arrives within 72 seconds of predicted. No errors.
Me: undefined is not a function

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London Underground - seems relevant today â™spoti.fi/N5iOZZY0y

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@thesambarnes @ioptics @digitalPMsummit wouldn’t, or, wouldn’t want to? i suspect both.

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so my windows PC I don’t own is broken, I didn’t have a car crash & now junk FaceTime calls. go away annoying people!!

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proper wifi at the ice cream place. off to watch Canada day boom sticks. 🇨Ÿ##pic.twitter.com/H3b96MyDsxH3b96MyDsx

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