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December 2017

RT @jrauser: My son’s a little worried that Santa may skip our house because he was sometimes bad this year. I explained that Santa uses a…

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anyone played exploded kittens? it’s an amazon deal of the day right now https://t.co/9x4q4pSdYn

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@SkyHelpTeam yeah, I was. thanks. the main site has the same issues when looking a the “my sky” section fairly often as well.

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@SkyHelpTeam Was trying to set something up in never miss, the /nevermiss/ url works with a full cache clear by subdomain root never does.

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here’18 an19 o17 I think the strong stuff might be out latepic.twitter.com/hJJntoQO4I4I

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yet another @SkyUK site that doesn’t work properly, most of the time pic.twitter.com/mCr9w3g9cC

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my Star Wars review with limited spoilers. it’s a bit too long, the porgs are cute and it’s got a few too many Disn… https://t.co/Em4miyXpW8

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WorldAndScience Another great actor who wasted his life on drugs and alcohol pic.twitter.com/66RzeeZ1BD

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@neillathwood I’ve had one of those, latest included “pardon my professional persistence”, that’s probably 5/6 in

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this morning I took the @awscloud Certified Cloud Practitioner exam and thanks to @acloudguru and @KroonenburgRyan… https://t.co/v6NjZNMpbi

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@neilmiddleton you should move to a galaxy far, far away. go play with jar jar 😃

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TheRealSheldonC This is wrong on so many levels. pic.twitter.com/ES0yjaiz6L

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RT @oliviacpu: If you’re a new programmer I just want you to know

me and all of my colleagues with years of experience

Google the most ba…

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@mattssive @UKFast Us too. Let’s hope we don’t make it to 2.

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few days behind due to a big Friday night but here’s left to righyy11pic.twitter.com/56XYSxndZ8Z8

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@CthulhuSec what goes up must come down as they say!

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@BryceElder @timebenezer don’t lookup belgian whistles on urban dictionary, or do if you’re curious. it won’t be what you think.

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when all three of your screens at work have at least one PCI document on, knowing you have a calendar is a slight relief

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if Santa’s listening I’ll take a Lamborghini Urus, please.

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@timebenezer @CostcoUK for sure! admittedly normally buy toilet roll, pepsi max, peanut butter and cat litter. rece… https://t.co/94zvdoZKcv

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@timebenezer well, 24 bottles from @CostcoUK - here’s a pick of the back I found online https://t.co/lB3IWnSHCQ

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imrichardmorris Great password, NBC. pic.twitter.com/SEyFPxqiQ1

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so @CostcoUK are selling the 3l bottles of @JackDanielsUK. I was already going this weekend so now might have an extra purchase!

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RT @JohnCleese: So, here is the News this morning. The Leader of the Free World is now completely unhinged, but we can’t do anything at all…

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