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June 2012

@martingoode well, I need to hire some good folks and it seemed like a good idea! I’ve got nothing to loose and they have.

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@Loud_one it’s amazing, you’ll love it!

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if you’re a linux sysadmin at @UK_Blackberry get in touch now with me at @globaldev & jump ship before you’re pushed! https://t.co/xI7mELIx

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@agit8or I feel your pain. Had kidney infection a few of weeks back. hurts like hell!

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Once again yodel/hdnl shit. this time left in safe place means chucked over the 6’ side gate. aerosol of BBQ paint then in sun. cc @AmazonUK

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called dfs to get and idea of when new sofas are coming today, well you’re stop 6 but no idea of how many & still no idea on a time slot!

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@IanVaughan it’s growing on me, but, the guide genre picking channels/recordings bit i’m not sure about

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Had a new sky+ guide has entirely changed. when did that happen @skyhd notice would have been nice! pic.twitter.com/aTploLlPP

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innocentdrinks The Big Knit is back and we need your hats bit.ly/cGWBgZ

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@JimTheBaggie sully was two weeks late. we got induced. make sure you take a bag of snacks and drink - can end up being a long day!

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@JimTheBaggie he’s great. up to 13 lbs 1 oz now. still holding on the 92% line. still a bit sleepless but wouldn’t change a thing.

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â@JimTheBaggieie: For the rest of Euro 2012 i will be mostly supporting Portugal!ke” — me too!

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is bbqing with spotify on the phone and alkaseltza in hand. rock and freaking British summer time roll!

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@jasonkneen to much mud. stripped the tractor back and stuck a horse in. job done. K.I.S.S.

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@boffbowsh yeah it’ll be a project soon I think. this is just to anonymise staging. have raw SQL so will hack it that way for now.

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@Haribocheeks have another drink. drink yourself sober :)

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thesambarnes How to trap a cat. 100% effective. pic.twitter.com/MCPCvVDD (via RT @raubrey)

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damn you farmer. get your speeding tractor in order. not an agricultural reference either. hrumph.

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RyanPitcher OMG! Samaras of all people.

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is pleased. my amazon prime ordered from 3pm today has shipped, delivery tomorrow & it’s royal mail tracked not hdnl so it might get here!

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thatmagicbloke Whoever did this, I salute you. pic.twitter.com/dn6ZROmE

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really could use the £12m jackpot from the euromillion’s. lottery gods you have been told.uym

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@mmazour i think i might just get this one, it’s cheap and cheerful but will do the job https://t.co/1FoXOB0Y cc/ @jasonkneen

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@AL0sborne what you need then is more inches

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so apparently my 2010 imac superdrive is fooked. recommendations for a USB DVD reader/writer? the usb superdrive won’t work

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AndrewBloch Man makes fun of Smart Car on Twitter. Here’s how Smart responded… twitpic.com/9yvsd3

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@Tomtids easy response to that, tell @samwillard he’s not dead yet and get on with the sandwich fetching :)

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@Tomtids well, i reckon on 50% success so far. thanks to @boffbowsh today was a result! twitpic.com/9ytpbwv

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@TheGhoti to be honest either dog bar’s or dog bra’s would be more interesting to me that drogba

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@GoDaddy seems better now, my colleague had opened a ticket and called you

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@thesambarnes woah there barnacle… what did you slap the vicar with?

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@jimeh don’t you just need to make it work in the first place? ;)

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would like the next person walking past a coffee shop heading to @globalpersonals to bring me a large latte please

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@Rackspace it was my.rackspace and no, it’s all sorted now.

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i think the end of the world is coming, @rackspaceemea ctrl panel down, @GoDaddy dns ctrl down, emarsys database failures

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is glad I got this delivered to home and not work. don’t think it would have fit in the smart! pic.twitter.com/1vBcK78LL

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@Tomtids that’s an oxymoron. good + sage pay = never.

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time to play with 1.5 billion database rows… hold tight!

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has got the inlaws doing great work in our back garden! just ordered some stuff so we can widen the drive next week as well

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forgot how annoying cpan can be

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is wondering if @WheresWardy has ordered his ivy bridge, retina macbook yet… you have no excuse now

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went to the loo and scored. hopefully on the drive home we’ll do well.

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@thesambarnes don’t put yourself down sam. it’s ok.

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is with grandpa and grandma Canada at nandos. sullivan’s first trip as well!

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is playing guess where the passenger came from at LHR T3. some people have lots of crap!

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has done a load of laundry, been shopping, done some work & now waiting for some glass to be cut for a new utility room door

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@barryf you’ll have to refer to your football allegiance now as “the arsenal” as well cc/ @TheGhoti

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@MelKirk kittens big on the mention list today!

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@barryf congratulations. you get there in end even if the solicitors conspire against you. now the fun part, packing!

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is not a fan of dumb java errors. method doesn’t exist error is not the same as the actual error which is attribute is missing.

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just drew Portugal in the sweepstake. could be worse!

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jk_sure Interesting new way of catching the clap instagr.am/p/LmrlMlGtnf/

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started thus feed in the dark, now the birds are chirping and the suns coming out, still here

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@andrewgarner i saw someone with union flag covers on their wing mirrors yesterday: https://t.co/BDf40M8W

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isn’t sure that seeing my mortgage balance in online banking is good. sure it’s useful, but, freaking depressing as well!

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