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June 2017

troyhunt A bunch of UK friends are now having a bad day courtesy of @DataGovUK pic.twitter.com/jzLhq72lVj

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@jessenoller @github also, lag between PR approval and the UI updating. quite often requires a page refresh.

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mattzarb Payday this week. If you’re wondering what NI means on your payslip it’s actually Northern Ireland

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so @Number10gov we can’t fund the NHS, or, pay the people that need it (nurses, fire, teachers etc.) more but we magic £1B for NI?t

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@sainsburys your tu website is having issues. page not found from every source in.

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RT @gilbertjasono: Uber is going to choose a new CEO in 4 minutes. Now 5 minutes. Shit now it’s 11 minutes away, why is it going in the opp…

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@JohnCleese there’s more of them than I thought!

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StewartWood Brexit negotiations begin tomorrow. The UK has:

-no Govt
-no negotiating positions
-a PM noone thinks will survive the negotiations


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@AirCanada Per the link I provided it says for certain destinations I don’t. You don’t say what they are though.

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@AirCanada where can I find what the certain destinations are for not claiming luggage thru YYZ from LHR https://t.co/eCh8KBIMcP please?

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RobboRobson21 “What’s so great about Twitter?”

Me: pic.twitter.com/AKsqprzbS0

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elliesunakawa old twitter vs new twitter pic.twitter.com/Ct4JC3UM5o

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apparently https://t.co/MoFfcsXCU2 / https://t.co/objXDufLlO thinks I’m a 66% match to Lars Ulrich! I’ll take 66% of his bank balance!

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the time I lost watching dirty dancing 2017 will never be found again.

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The DUP have a horrific record and policies! https://t.co/N0yOrDzROI

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andrewpolitics I hate to break ranks here but is probably more fun than

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when a 418 status is what you wanted to see http.cat/418

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Salesman: You may have missed my earlier email…
Me: No, I’m just no interested. Thank you bye.

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BBC News - US ‘rethinking UN human rights role’ - more likely they know they’re in breach of them! https://t.co/bkyaJJGVDC

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@BBCBreaking but, doesn’t your own news article (https://t.co/JBJ8C8glB8) say it was reported but no-one did anything?

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AlecMuffett The Prime Minister @Number10gov is clearly reaching out for a scapegoat that terrorists “communicate”; she should address that they “exist”

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https://t.co/9Uy5WI7LRl - or stop selling them weapons. conservatives need to go.

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Liar Liar Ge2017 - Single by Captain Ska; let’s get it to number 1. itun.es/gb/nvxUjb

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