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July 2019

RT @gitlab: Devs in a mostly remote environment are 23% more likely to have good insight into what colleagues are working on, and rate the…

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Hey @PGUK just saw your Lenor ad where you say “we’ve brought Lenor to London” but you filmed it in Windsor. This i… https://t.co/YOCtwHT4C7

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@troyhunt BT do that in the UK for their internet filtering as well I believe.

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RT @troyhunt: Yikes! “Since today all Internet providers in Kazakhstan started MITM on all encrypted HTTPS traffic. They asked end-users to…

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If you use @zoom_us you need to read this, also, make sure you use a firewall!
https://t.co/7WaF4hJu9m #security #vulnerabilty

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RT @BarnabyEdwards: EU Membership: 34p per person per day.

Cost spent on Brexit since 2016: 91p per person per day.

Estimated cost of Br…

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@AirCanada Hey, any ideas? ETA on a fix? Fly in two weeks and kids would love to know if advance. Been broken over a month already.

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RT @JohnCleese: Has this been doctored ?

If not, what more evidence do we need to conclude that President Trump is out of his tiny mind ?…

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@AirCanada Doesn’t work, and, already tried. In Safari, Chrome and Firefox in both normal and incognito/private mod… https://t.co/7p4a8AQsB3

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@AirCanada hey, how can i find out what’s on the inflight system between LHR-YYZ this month? your website is broken… https://t.co/RGKhe7g9av

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@barenakedladies @RoyalAlbertHall @KTTunstall @boobygraffoe Amazing news! What are the pre-sale options going to be… https://t.co/q58FzViWrJ

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