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March 2016

@RadioX two identical ads back to back & telling me to tap my screen, erm, if i’m listening in the car that won’t work, or, on my laptop!

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working from home downside is that the litter box is in the office, cat just did a peepoo and it stinks!!! 🐱💩

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it’s not really a happy easter at all but turns out you get lots of Easter eggs through donations to RBH. think we’re at 5 now.

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I think the same every visit but I’m sure the NHS could make easy savings by turning the heating off or down. it’s 25, heat on, window open.

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getting away for easter. shame it’s chez RBH an NHS Establishment with Hudson

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another @SkyHelpTeam price rise. that’s all services in the last 12 months increased at least once. really benefiting from being loyal. not.

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cody_bunch That’s kinda horrifying. pic.twitter.com/By8lDnmNxj

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not that the conservatives give a toss what so ever. they’re ruining my home town and the country is following very closely behind

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of the many sugar tax issues this is one people will not think about bbc.co.uk/news/uk-358311… as a diabetic myself i’d not considered it

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nixcraft Dear Politicians,

It is impossible to make a backdoor that only the “good guys” can use. It will get leaked, stolen, or cracked.

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HighwaysSEAST Both direcs of j10-11 shut overnight, 9pm-6am, from tonight for 5 nights. Diversion via B3270 & A329(M).

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Police car seems (maybe accident looks intentional) to have rammed a car into traffic light at Winnersh showcase roundabout. Traffic busy.

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past the pickets at RBH to main X-ray with Jenn

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want to download your eBooks from PacktPub? there’s a thing for that github.com/ianwinter/pack…

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@jessicakeogh you might spend it at a lake, but he might thrown you in tied to a log.

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wants cake and chocolate and jd. a chocolate, jd cake would be awesome.

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