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November 2014

great article on TCP tuning i’ve just found, heard of some of them but great resource: https://t.co/S7j5UlErdW

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up at 6 yesterday, still up at 1 tomorrow, no today. this, wait, that oh, no this again day sucks big sh*tty balls of sh*t.

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new #starwars trailer: https://t.co/V06ke1AHVP - I’ll be going on my own as I know the wife won’t want to! #geek #excited

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richardbranson Lemur selfie! See more here: virg.in/njp pic.twitter.com/zxNGan7WM7

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the stores who are causing chaos like @Tesco should pay the police police for dealing with the loonies

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next dumb idea of today, watching a show about donuts when i don’t have any to eat. anyone feel free to bring some to work for me tomorrow

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@barryf chuckle. no, you should have helped me, was an nginx/ip/default_server issue

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awesome. 3 hours fixing a problem where the solution was right in front of my f****** face all along. grr.

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configuring IDS host groups, net blocks and scans really is as dull as it sounds

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RT @globalpersonals: The GP #Movember team have raised £170 so far! Click here to support their efforts! https://t.co/JXybSzVUcL

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@AEO hey, when does the turkey based online offer code finish (I’m in the UK)

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@MelKirk i bet you would be if Christmas was actually close. which is isn’t. it’s not December. turn it off. :)

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@globalpersonals just as long as it’s not a burning ring of fire

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@AEO now your UK westfield store is open, can I get delivery to the UK, from the UK?

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need to win the lottery to 1) buy gadgets i want but don’t need and can’t afford, 2) go on holiday, 3) buy a stupid car :)

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innocentdrinks A festive chart. pic.twitter.com/Sv3QWPFvik

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@neilmiddleton very annoying. canary is better, but, does other weird stuff instead @googlechrome

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turns out JD consumption is in line with progress through the project. good job costco sells JD. wonder if I can expense it?

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@thesambarnes you’ll be pleased to hear that @flapjackthecat has been known to get in our cases whilst packing

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DrHeebie Can not un-see…. RT @BBCEarth: Fur seals have been caught having sex with penguins.bbc.in/1EQBfrE pic.twitter.com/JvveQo1hqn

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what is the point of self service tills in @PostOffice if you need someone to check before you can post things!

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DrScienceCat Evolution continues as pregnant women are now able to provide free Wi-Fi. pic.twitter.com/Le29LP9ANI

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woman delivering local lib dem’s newsletter carrying pile of letters, bag and a wooden spoon. reflection on their political state perhaps?

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@thesambarnes not unless you hold him above you head arms

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age_uk Catherine Holland has knitted an incredible 1000 hats for the ! Absolutey brilliant :) @innocentdrinks pic.twitter.com/AUh4RFpdV5

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@age_uk @innocentdrinks I think she deserves free smoothies for a year!

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so the Fifa corruption report is questioned by guy that investigated? surely that just proves Fifa are corrupt?

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@Bordersquirrel ha, I worked at Sun between 2000-2004 in Professional Services at GMP, first building, Java House I think it was.

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as this project goes on, my desk is getting increasingly, well, shall we say chaotic.

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globalpersonals We’re hiring! Read our blog to see why it’s great to be a Globalite: bit.ly/1yylLX6 pic.twitter.com/zYI1232B1y

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@agit8or sitting on top of victoria’s statue? strikes me a bit uncomfortable ;)

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thanks to GT @AkamaiUK who told me about digwebinterface.comW - awesome if you need that level of detail and don’t have a terminal!

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innocentdrinks What does a clock do when it gets hungry? Goes back four seconds.

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@rosswilliams ha, yeah. thank goodness for sky go, had my phone on silent watching it as well now and again

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@JessicaKeoghPA Ben is my choice for winner, he’s just a nice, decent bloke

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another rant. if you’re a judge critiquing live singing, sing live!

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seriously. stereo kicks are shit. bottom 2 at least 3 times. they can’t sing, 8 failed, overly touchy, singing in a line

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