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October 2012

@Timato_ perhaps you an upgrade. may i suggest mid-day ice bath?

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@krissygoround oh dear. it actually wasn’t, icing sugar (i’ve got nothing for that)

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jennalou_k Glasgow University do Halloween Fangnam Style… youtube.com/watch?v=RXFty1…

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just ate a meringue ghost. very tasty.

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@andrewgarner nice. i’ve got cached dns but I’ll believe you :)

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@andrewgarner you know your footer on your website links to surefirething.co.ukq and it doesn’t work… add the DNS record fool! (www does)

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@jimeh: Neat, Crossover is free today: flock.codeweavers.com1” - done √

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@ThreeUKSupport i’ve been getting the same “payday loan” text for a few days - who do i report it to? cc/ @Ofcom

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moanup Disney to remake Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs pic.twitter.com/jvmdjqbn

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“In a statement announcing the purchase, Disney said it planned to release a new Star Wars film, episode seven, in 2015.” eek!

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q. what did the hat say to the bra?
a. you go a head and i’ll give these two a lift.

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@RealBradHaverly takes you back, wasn’t that like only a year ago like that you were like 18, like

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is looking at possible outfits for the @globalpersonals christmas party - joke.co.uk/yellow-gangste…y

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@neilmiddleton haha - you say yes and get them to pay you for an introduction

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@HatzolahNYC: Manhattan: Photo shot from above the emergency vehicles evacuating NYU hospital now. pic.twitter.com/fLmHYhEnn” - crazy

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@amerbob if he didn’t have his lights on, how did you see him? also, how did the post run shower go?

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OctoberJones Can you BELIEVE how EARLY it’s getting DARK? I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Even though it’s happened at the same time EVERY YEAR SINCE I WAS BORN.

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would like to advise @rackspaceUK customers to check their tickets. advising us to restart mysql when flush logs does the job isn’t cool!!

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@jasonkneen you’re not signing up then right? ;)

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@globalpersonals technically @boffbowsh is alone, he should join up to sites =D

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@innocentdrinks: This is a baby hedgehog. It’s important to look at baby hedgehogs from time to time pic.twitter.com/8ZAqhMbyy” - i want one

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also @simplenoteapp i can’t login via the web to see if they’re still there!

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hey @simplenoteapp, notational velocity just said i need to merge or replace all my notes - i said merge & they all seem to have gone! help!

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if you’re looking for a job & setup a phone interview - answer the phone - it works a lot better that way!

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@JammyTheC in which case all biscuit based answers I think.

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is doing an online shop. wtf are there 40 types of salad dressing… really?

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@WheresWardy good lad! what you going for? apetogentleman.com/wp-content/upl…D I think you should try the mistletoe. lol.

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@JammyTheC how evil we talking… dr evil evil or jimmy saville evil?

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coin toss decision making… “what are calling?”, answer, “tails for wales”… and it won!

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ONKYO_EU the Onkyo CS-555 and unveil the real sound of your favourite music! RT to enter…

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would you fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses. important questions that need to be answered.

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@TheGhoti they don’t have 3.5” ones, they’re 5.25”

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is listening to @JakeBugg and it really is very good. cc/ @JammyTheC

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scaryduck Badger badger badger cull delayed while government deals with the scourge of mushrooms, snakes

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great example of @amazon not giving a crap. same thing w/ hdnl/yodel & @AmazonUK - “@jimeh: “Outlawed by Amazon DRM” bekkelund.net/2012/10/22/out…5”

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wld Happy Harry strikes again. RT @rosswilliams: Harry Lloyd - Comms and Comedy at the @wld conference pic.twitter.com/0QT5ri9O

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just watched @ioptics and @LaurenBarnesWLD do an awesome presentation at the @wld conference.

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wonders how many footballers and all professional sports players would be left if they had realistic salaries. see how much they love sport.

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it’s the wrong time to discover no smart shirts you own fit when you’re getting up at 5:45am

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@jasonkneen which hair does he style though. is he a charge per hair kinda guy? @RealBradHaverly

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@SkyNews: Eton Boys Make Gangnam Style Video bit.ly/RaXulzk” - not sure if this is genius or disturbing or both!

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@dyninc you can send me some if you like :)

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@RealBradHaverly also your haircut for a fiver deal is unbeatable

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@lightboxstudios well my wife loves bejeweled so that’s one and for me courier and disk tools pro is certainly handy.

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I just got the MacHeist 4 Bundle! macheist.com/bundle/t/6133055

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so far @panopta trial looks ok. bit more expensive than @pingdom & not as many easy to get graphs but allows more options & reasonable UI

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can it work, probably. if @BBCNews and others don’t do what’s now fashionable in media & lie, twist and hype wrong bits bbc.in/OHWKpxF

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@panopta will do, thanks for the tweet, i’ll let you know how we get on

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this guy does not epitomise german planning! “@JammyTheC: Jumping into a frozen pool, what could possibly go wrong? tinyurl.com/cvqlrdjQ”

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let’s get ready ready, let’s get ready ready, let’s get ready to grow mo! uk.movember.com/team/497493x -@globalpersonalss men join now!

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translating English for Americans :) bbc.in/TufNAwTs

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is there a service like @pingdom but with aus & south african pops & a non-extortiante price model like @Site24x7. simple checks is fine.

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@HR_Beth: Attention job seekers… Comic Sans is not an appropriate font for your professional resume.” - it’s not appropriate full stop!

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hey @pingdom anything going on? can login but can’t view anything after that, keep getting logged out

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so @BritishGas email about price changes yet the cheapest tariffs they offer it seems impossible to switch to online. means i have to call.

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just watched felix jump. wow. makes my 12.5k jump look pretty shit! incredible stuff and he nailed the landing.

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so with darkwake=0 on ML ssh wakes it up, but, have to quite and ssh again ~20s later - any idea if in MacOS or SSH I can get around it?

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so it seems Apple broke wake on lan in mountain lion. when it’s (iMac) sleeping it won’t wake (the box is checked) via a SSH command

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globalpersonals SPICE FEVER… Don’t forget to donate! justgiving.com/global-spice-g… RT @LaurenBarnesWLD: It’s the @globalpersonals Spice Girls! pic.twitter.com/ZDjeOh3X

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MelissaThompson Really proud the boys @globalpersonals for hitting their target look forward to seeing you dressed as Spice Girls justgiving.com/global-spice-g…

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Check out this effort to change the face of men’s health uk.movember.com/team/497493x -@globalpersonalss@globaldevv gents get on board!

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@innocentdrinks ok, thanks. in which case the original votes count. 1x knee, 3x nails :)

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@innocentdrinks quick team poll 1x no knees & 3x meter-long nails - but we depends on clarification of “no knees” are they fused or missing?

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@tomgiddings it’s a moustache. just really crap.

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Giant double pretzel m&m nose! pic.twitter.com/QdfmUe1RR

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just did a google search for crotch pad’s. all with legitimate reason. so far nothing dodgy!

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Sarah_Iles Please now we need to hit £1k to have our very own spice girls in the @globalpersonals office tomorrow justgiving.com/global-spice-g…

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@MaxiCosiBaby can u order replacement material pads that go over the female part of the strap (between the legs) for a CabrioFix seat?

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regspb Hats off to the builders of the Lego Batcave. It’s not Playmobil, but…brothers-brick.com/2012/10/10/epi…

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needs Sullivan to realise he’s back in the uk and not be awake until 3am. Jenn & I can’t live on this little sleep!

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@BigMadKev i could, but, need to test windows 7. guess could still proxy a windows 7 machine from here though.

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alternatively can anyone recommend a good Australian VPS provided that will run Windows that I can RDC to

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anyone got a windows 7 machine in Australia they fancy opening up RDC on so I can test something?

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innocentdrinks Well Said. pic.twitter.com/fuMqbm4m

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Want to win a dream system from @Sonos? Enter and we can both win. bit.ly/UCMYsdf

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forgot how much the morning routine sucks. much better when it’s early an you’re in the bush hunting. could use more sleep too.

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is back in blighty. Sullivan was awesome on the plane. we’ve all had a nap and now starving. I think I to breakfast though.

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has just seen the northern lights ovver Thunder Bay, ON. awesome!

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