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January 2014

@majorhayden: mnot’s blog: Nine Things to Expect from HTTP/2 bit.ly/1aKcynUj” - great post

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I’ve just voted for Keith Clark: CSS 3D FPS for ‘Demo of the Year’ on thenetawards.com/vote/demo/

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@pusher yes, we think that was a red herring… it’s javascript somewhere but doesn’t look like you.

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@pusher hey - we thing you’re blocked by the UK porn filters somewhere (js.pusher.com/1.11/pusher.mi…1) isn’t loading

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@jessenoller it posts a message to twitter? (sorry no idea!)

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ah power cut. boo. Should make bedtime more interesting!

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bieber isn’t special. he’s a normal citizen who broke the law, again. he needs to be punished. both to uphold the law & for humanities sake

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TheGhoti WHAT?!?!?! Whywouldyou, whywouldyou, whywouldyou…?!?!?! amzn.to/1fb92Sx

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kylegawley Stop what you’re doing right now and check out this fantastic piece of advertising.

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just had to use Oracle SQL Developer with a jTDS plugin to connect to a MSSQL DB from a MAC. blog.bittersweetryan.com/2012/01/using-…R

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jose_casal Read about the (ongoing) Agile transformation at @globaldev that @RADTACLtd has been part of. Some quotes from me :-) globaldev.co.uk/2014/01/agile-…

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globalpersonals Find out how one Globalite raised over £1,700 for @ActionAid: bit.ly/1cUUcLc

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@Sarah_Iles you do i was just being cheeky… i have no idea!

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@Sarah_Iles it’s about a month since the last bad mood… there’s a pattern right there ;)

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@RBWM great park crossing keeps change red/green… looks like the button is stuck on again. was like that last week.

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@RealBradHaverly it’s taken that long to get your haircut sorted hasn’t it, really, own up

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jameslyne This is probably my favourite slide of last year. You? pic.twitter.com/Tx2dLsPuMO

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innocentdrinks How to fill in a nursery questionnaire for your child pic.twitter.com/j5Y1giQjcp

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this is handy if you’re lazy, or you forget foragoodstrftime.comc

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major repost, but still, utterly hilarious soundcloud.com/nicholas-pegg/…

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helenlewis Caitlin Moran makes a fairly unarguable point this morning: pic.twitter.com/aLGqMFLI8P

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gp has hit new lows. not notified us of surgery move date & find out at hosp. clinic that in cot they told gp to increase 1 of my meds

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@thesambarnes - can you relate? “@jennalou_k: 10 Problems Only Short Girls Understand - buzzfeed.com/video/tlo27/10…4”

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@boffbowsh yeah, don’t necessarily want it public (i don’t pay right now)

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the thought of poking my eyes with lens isn’t appealing, but, this is (potentially) awesome googleblog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/introd…H

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anyone got any views on where to keep code snippets? i have a couple of gists, but mostly in a text file… any better suggestions?

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this is an odd looking bunch of critters..boredpanda.com/strange-animal…TNo

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metoffice Retweet to win before 4pm Friday to win one of our mugs T&Cs: bit.ly/1edljER pic.twitter.com/0tYdDvgHKi

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We’re ! Be part of something special… Join the @globalpersonals family. bit.ly/11I0it07s - something for everyone

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@TVP_Windsor you need to charge them. that’s dangerous for all of them.

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so @AkamaiUK i’m a customer, well @globalpersonals is and I’d really like a t-shirt (L) … can we make that happen? to promote you of course

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@james_allardice you’ve been hacked. getting junk dm’s

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@MelKirk my only response to this (and to the last one) is rude and involves a pluralised four letter anatomical palindrome

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@majorhayden what’s wrong with that, it’s the proper way around :)

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@RBFRSofficial if i want to ask about a possible wokingham station visit with our cub pack - what’s the best way to contact them?

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@Haribocheeks I think mine could be on holiday with yours

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Mercedes-Benz TV: MAGIC BODY CONTROL TV commercial “Chicken” - simply the best advert. ever. youtu.be/nLwML2PagbYE

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on tlc “I’m Tamara, I’m 29 and a reclaimed virgin” … sorry you’re a what now? has had sex but some much as changed it’ll be like 1st time!

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watched latest two & half men last night, it’s actually now just “man” as only alan is left. at best it’s two men & a woman.

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@theloop: Millions of crabs migrating across Christmas Island - loopu.in/K1EkPCU” - the sideways quizlings!

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RichardNSkinner Spotted at Waterloo station this morning. Via @raquelle pic.twitter.com/ii0cU4t8EY

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@NHSEngland we might need to go to A&E only ‘cause GP surgery never answer the phone & tel. consults now required - how do i complain?

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we won’t even go in to incorrect diagnosis and the fact that we’ve had to go in to A&E before for care as the GP doesn’t get it right

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tudor house surgery in wokingham is the worst surgery in the world. the “new” appointment system only works if you can every get through.

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rosswilliams Really pleased with the @JustSingles TV advert - see how many @globalpersonals staff you can spot ;) youtube.com/watch?v=4mIMyq…

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first @JustSingles tv ad shown on really, really! looks good :) pic.twitter.com/UzJiW3aKKHH

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TheRealSheldonC Nanna Nanna Nanna..pic.twitter.com/O456Vb0YJJJJ

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my back garden looks like a cross between a marsh, a bog pit and a small pond! so much water and nowhere to go.

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is buying lottery tickets. i need to win.

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@wld take your santa hat off ;)

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engage the chaos monkey. nothing like root access live server edits. i mean, fully testing, planned changes.

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i have far too much crap in my dot files. time for a clean out / start again. i’ll add that to one of my to do lists!

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