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November 2013

the lights are up. yes, that is a beer. hard work putting up lights. pic.twitter.com/fcTr9LzgbNN

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RBFRSofficial Crews are currently dealing with a 4 car accident on A329M south, Winnersh to Coppid Beech. Please find an alternative route if possible.

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amazing wax the mo developments! @therunningdude - our team now ranked #3242 moteam.co/global-mo-bro-sQ - keep it coming!!!

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TheGhoti Only 15 minutes left to raise £500 for and see a hairy guy get his face waxed (vid supplied)… uk.movember.com/mospace/26605 COME ON…!

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TheGhoti If you donate to @therunningdude’s fund NOW he’ll have the ‘tash waxed off at 17:15 today… uk.movember.com/mospace/26605 DOOOO ITTTT!!!

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@boffbowsh see, i want something but don’t need anything

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@tomgiddings @IanVaughan why, that’s the most they ever discount. never gonna change.

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@StevieBuckley why, you some tickets for @boffbowsh for RW gig? i bet you have

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just saw a dark blue F150, with Ontario plates, in Windsor UK! long way from home

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@Girlguiding you talk of sexism bbc.co.uk/news/education…L yet you don’t allow males to join. girls can join@UKScoutingg. not the same but still

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@Sarah_Iles here’s a cool minion “@innocentdrinks: Minion + ice cream + hat = WIN pic.twitter.com/zR6Wz05Ok00”

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just read about the history of turkey pardoning in the us. love the fact that eisenhower ate his! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_…Y

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ianvisits Breakfast venn… RT @andysc @passengeraction: This. This pleases me. pic.twitter.com/JJFzoekLdL

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@MelKirk visa = evil. from personal experience with Jenn’s various ones, get advise early. i’m not sure where is best though. hr deal for us

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@GiveBloodNHS if you hear of a cure for diabetes then it will and let me know!

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@amerbob you need to listen to this =D ♫ Nick Grimshaw: Music To Give Blood To (BBC Radio 1) by BBC Playlister spoti.fi/17X6kPNr

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@MelKirk google.com/appsstatusy is your friend. not been down in last 7 days - at least not enough to tell people about. use it all the time

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@amerbob I would if they’d take mine. as a diabetic they won’t. @GiveBloodNHS

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perhaps not the safest domain name in the world, or, the least offensive, but it’s good - motherfuckingwebsite.comb

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agit8or Loads of jobs going at one of the UK’s fastest growing digital media companies - we can’t recuit quick enough!! lnkd.in/dsYnFpC

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proof singing ability is optional when someone who forgets their words on 4 occasions gets through.

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@panopta when you say 25 Network service checks is that per server, or, 25 across the whole account? i’m guessing the latter

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@benlovell worst i ever had to try and recover from was someone did “mv /* .” from a home directory

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sad day, my coffee mug has been murdered by the cleaners (cracked). does explain the pool of coffee on my desk though.

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so @WokinghamBC “peach place” sounds like something from mariokart & wtf is toutley rd going to open - 1wk now & i’ve never seen a workman!

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@WindsorEtonBrew do you have any canberra in bottles for sale at the moment?

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mrchrisaddison Hope all my Australian friends have had a lovely day. I’m sure they have. Broadly speaking.

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@jessenoller @krames @rackspaceUK this is long overdue & gd but how can u use images as new perf clouds don’t image data partitions though?

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very impressed with @AEO Kansas to Windsor shipping in less than 48 hours!

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could drive to the @rackspaceUK
dc each day, traffic is horrid! did like the “dc head” reserved board though and airlock doors

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is off to the data center this morning. only a drop off but hey.

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@twitter anything up with exporting archives? did one a while ago but had nothing. normally they’re pretty nippy.

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@marcqualie your site is chucking a 502 error right now (last tweet was from a junk account i have!)

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@GrahamM_6t9: Best stackoverflow of the day: stackoverflow.com/questions/1841…l <- “why does my perl work!!!” - “It’s not perl…..”” - LOL!

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@johnwards great talk at - have a question about @CodeClub - a school near me (infant) is looking, is the material suitable?

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@iconmonstr do you have a guide/suggestion on something to read which shows how to colourise the png/svg versions of these?

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@igrigorik hi, the svg? social icons on your blog - did you make those of is there a guide on how to do something similar somewhere? thanks

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@garethr hey, great talk - are your slides online at all?

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all sponsors should give away light sabers and bottle openers @Dyn @VERISIGN. good morning, lunch next!

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@barryf you can install that via homebrew as well

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@igrigorik true. will make our cdn config simpler as well as we shard all our image domains right now.

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globalpersonals We are pleased to announce @globalpersonals have been crowned again in Deloitte Technology Fast 50. bit.ly/17usdpo [Press release]

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@igrigorik no probs. our ux/fe dev’s did all the merging CSS/JS and sprite stuff. Not sure they’d appreciate pulling it all out.

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having listened to @igrigorik at not only is he very smart & a great speaker but HTTP 2.0 looks great. ux’rs will hate it :)

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ice in the car and no gloves or bat. Twyford station is cold!

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come meet @globaldev at Silicon Milkroundabout this weekend, we’re hiring! bit.ly/17slvQXX or see me at3sg

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@velocityconf great stuff. looking forward to hearing from @jonlives

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AC/DC - Highway to Hell for Christmas number 1… hell yes… anything but XSh*tor metalhammer.co.uk/news/acdc-for-…a

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@TheGhoti I was hoping that was a new burger. sadly not.

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is it a ‘tauche, yes it is. the question mark lives pic.twitter.com/8ZWW6UeWL44

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is going to go from Twyford to Paddington it’s nearly half price, cheaper to park and takes the same time but without the train change

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thoughts on best way to get to Hilton Metropole Edgeware Rd in rush hour from Wokingham? thinking train to Reading, then Paddington and walk

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this may be a controversial comment, but, I don’t like @johnlewisretail’s christmas, at all. it’s just an animated greeting card

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looking forward to this week. but not to the train commute to get there! @globalpersonals is so shout me on twitter

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majorhayden Kudos to all the single parents out there. I’m getting that experience this week! :)

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RBFRSofficial Crews still in attendance at a fire in an industrial unit in Toutley Rd, Wokingham. Smoke reportedly drifting across A329M & M4 at Junc 10

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@velocityconf that’s a shame. any part refund or should I just come & drink coffee? is there somewhere I can work whilst I wait for next 1?

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@Haribocheeks outside those new flats, just by the pub. diversion round osbourne rd and police station

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@velocityconf is something replacing the cancelled MySQL tutorial on Wednesday?

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closing kings rd/sheet st in rush hour is really stupid as it’s only for some posh flats! road closed signs would be nice @TVP_Windsor @RBWM

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big factory fire on toutley rd. Big cloud plume also looks like smoke is going across a329m twitter.com/rbfrsofficial/… pic.twitter.com/733WvH5dZ22

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what the hell is up in Wokingham, sirens for the last half hour pretty much, @TVP_Wokingham ?

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which ikea is easier to get to today wembley or Southampton?

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this blog.opal.io/crypto-in-the-…B & thisgithub.com/tonyg/js-nacl0 look really cool. not sure what i’d use it for, but, it’s neat stufft

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globalpersonals We’re hiring! Like the idea of a job helping people find love? Check out our latest vacancies. bit.ly/11I0it0

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@neilmiddleton for i in {1..1000000}; do [some stuff]; done =D

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@innocentdrinks what stores, sainsbury’s and boots again?

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Check out my ‘tache & help me fight the good fight 4 mobro.co/ianwinter81D &moteam.co/global-mo-bro-szQ - PLEASE DONATE

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in a&e again. on top of tonsillitis Sullivan has suspected hand foot & mouth. hasn’t slept hasn’t eaten & screams constantly in pain.

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@jennalou_k traffic lights at m4 junction aren’t working

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@agit8or mcdonalds is your friend. breakfast and coffee. the one near eton is easily detour able on my in if i have to!

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ok, so, today I mostly have severe supplier rage.

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The M25 sucks

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JackWeirdy What do you call a group of programmers?

A merge conflict

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