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December 2016

time for some New Years resolutions. not sure I’ve ever kept one so what’s the harm.

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@tayoakinmade no. I saw more than one car today with no lights on at all let alone fog lights

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Someone recut the “Elf” trailer as a thriller, and it’s terrifying ⏩ by @lee_moran https://t.co/CLgukOejnd via @HuffPostComedy #lovethis

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@jessicakeogh does that mean you’ll be tweeting more often again? 😂🤣😝

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@boffbowsh the one that got me, was sitting the office at home, watching the guy go to the door, and put a card through saying i was out.

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@rosswilliams @Lawrence_Jones yeah, all we need is a bigger bloody big tower. take the lift out and make them take the ladder! :)

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@keithclarkcouk also, if you have auto download on it’ll come as part of that iirc

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@keithclarkcouk yup, forced upgrades. apple’s new world.

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@troyhunt nope, I know we’re known for sarcasm but… it means the same thing!

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Fleet M3 service station fire engulfs restaurant building https://t.co/Fr1Zq259Ma - note to self, don’t plan to stop there for a while

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valross2 This may be the best app I’ve ever built pic.twitter.com/Z9WJi7e74G

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I like the look of the new @LandRover discovery. Now who’s got £70k to give me…?

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spoke to a very friendly, helpful and understanding chap when I called @BritishGasHelp - hugely refreshing!!

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@timblair congratulations 💏🏼

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awesome night with @Lawrence_Jones, Gail and the team - thanks again! great event. most impressed with Lady Gaga I… https://t.co/e07vxysRT3

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@neillathwood congratulations to you and your wife on the arrival of your daughter!

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@SkyHelpTeam new what? member of staff on the twitter feed…? ðŸpic.twitter.com/MnMQ64qomzomz

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TheRealSheldonC You can tell the gender of any Ant by throwing it in water,

If it sinks = Girl Ant
If it floats = Buoyant. pic.twitter.com/S15LZa80Dk

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Christmas in the Vale 🎄â˜pic.twitter.com/SvFrgG4oHRt.co/SvFrgG4oHR

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lots of great bikes on the toy run today. Hudson got a high five as well (with a little mommy help) pic.twitter.com/YcPZaI2SLJ

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