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July 2014

come on we’re ahead of - let’s keep it going!

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more gold’s than Australia, nearly more in total - come on England!

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@hivehome what happens if the person with the geo location app is away from home, does anyone left just get cold?

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the geek in me really likes this tado.com/gb/s, i know there’sbritishgas.co.uk/hivebu as well. very tempting!!!

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found some snails, rearranged then, now it’s race time! pic.twitter.com/VriNSlZjjCC

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@liondiskmaker I got that error, and, it wasn’t there. Building Beta from 10.9.4.

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an interesting (but not quick) read: https://t.co/pOVRWxloFE

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think of your SysAdmin tomorrow, suitable gift ideas involve cake, ice cream & more ideas here sysadminday.comv

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cattlegrid Remember! Meat is murder!….tasty, tasty murder.

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recruiters now sending me post, actual paper post. wow. i’m going to “spam” it - that means throw it in the bin.

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@ThreeUKSupport it’s better today as it happens, but, i’ll DM my number anyway. calls/texts no real difference just no signal at all

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has anyone got macaw? is it worth it?

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@DrHeebie don’t you look happy about it as well

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@lv do you know your site is completely broken? just says server error.

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@ThreeUKSupport sure it’s SL4 1EG. most of Windsor has gotten worse but get full drop outs now.

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hey @ThreeUKSupport the signal in Windsor (SL4) has been getting worse & worse. signal cuts more often and doesn’t come back. not just me.

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3 days on and BBC homepage still broken. reboot it already!

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unions need to get a grip. they’re not the only ones who’re affected. if private sector workers strike they’d most be likely fired!

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qwertee “Ghostbusted” is today’s tee on Qwertee.com ReTweet for a chance at a FREE TEE! pic.twitter.com/w4Zc5VlfrE

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@keithclarkcouk 10 is a bit early if you’re not on holiday to hit the bottle anyway. i guess the sun is up though…

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@WheresWardy haha, awesome. that one i can relate to

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erm, wtf: ack —cathy

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it seems @rackspaceUK has invented time travel, maintenance for “2014-07-30 from 23:01 — 25:01ve

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the world needs more polka cc/ @alyankovic ♫ “Weird Al” - Polka Ian Wintespoti.fi/1qH7lA8Cing

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Weird Al’s new album is great! Any one who’s worked for a corporate should listen to this track though. spoti.fi/1mQMoTLsg

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really not sure about the new macheist.comT bundle, don’t know if there’s anything really i’d use

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interesting information from companies house - https://t.co/lJfqmrXiZC

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@lightboxstudios no, he’s in the US. (also i’ll let IT know)

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note to self, check the f****** symlinks

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mgamini The internet is fast and brutal.

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@agit8or someone would have to teach them the words first!

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woah, just checked football score. have Brazil turned up?

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@Rackspace did you mean to just tweet yourself?

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Despite his expression, Sullivan is pleased to announced his impending promotion to big brother, effective Jan ’15 ðŸpic.twitter.com/tdtMd1pdhXpdhX

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designing network segmentation is like a terry’s chocolate orange, except it’s a chocolate sprout.

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@drewm if you’re naked at your desk, that’s your own business

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i’m hungry already, had takeout @wagamama_uk last night as I was in Reading and I want it again!

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@DrHeebie it seems you’ve lost a foot. i’d be more worried about that.

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@boffbowsh @WheresWardy it was quicker to re/setup the up like that as i had to do them all, but, not sure if i’ll leave it enabled

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@WheresWardy it also now has a google chrome app and extension which means you don’t even need a phone, you can setup a mac/pc as well

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iPhone restore would be better if google authenticater wasn’t rubbish and wiped everything. time for authy perhaps.

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RT @hlp: 🇬🇧 are 💩 at 🎾 and ⚽️. Natural order has been restored.

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@StevieBuckley love the fact as well they’re picking a weak state as well CA just kick them out

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@stevesmith2609 don’t forget the mighty Celine, Bryan Adams, Avril Lavigne, Alanis, Shania… man, I feel like a woman.

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happy Canada day eh!

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