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May 2012

@boffbowsh neither, google reckons “worse comes to worst” and so does Billy Joel

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is definitely a fan of lunch meetings. productive and tasty.

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is p*ssed off at @Adobe - where the hell are the CF9 downloads - i don’t care about 10 right now… I want 9 dammit

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hopes everyone in Thunder Bay is OK and gets over the flood damage as quickly as they can - particularly the inlaws.

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SpotifyUK It’s Monday! - 6 month Premium Spotify and pair of Urbanears - twitpic.com/8sf8gt - RT and follow @SpotifyPlaylist to win!

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has something to watch if you’re bored. monkey’s playing synth: https://t.co/9pUMFJl8

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@rackspaceemea i’m not certain, but it looks like they’re getting ready to post me a gift at @globalpersonals

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Glinner Flames, people being suspended from ropes. Another day in Azerbaijan

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@timminchin you need to try and get the uk to run with a song you write. canvas bags with it’s environmental message could work :)

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is trumpet a euphemism?

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ok, so now we have dancing crab women and a guy singer about trumpets

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@jennalou_k got to me. you can sing “when love takes over” nearly beat perfect over the top as well

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i’m sure i’ve heard this, in other news man / woman / both?

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@Loud_one they were already wet, but ok.

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@Queen_UK maybe freecycle - not sure anyone would pay

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Queen_UK Putting Ireland on eBay.

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@Loud_one or you’re throwing up the last one in shock / shame / disgust at their efforts

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hairstyle that looks like a brain, how ironic. on the other hand they started “singing” and sully has started to cry. he’s sensible.

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my entry for 2013: “hey hey hey, la la la, reach for the sky, fly high, la la oh oh boom boom”. done.

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really is much better with twitter. subtitles are sometimes however a disadvantage

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nathy_matthews if aston from jls was white

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it’s a german justin bieber / craig david cross… holy crap that’s terrifying. the broken english doesn’t help ;)

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vampire sailors meet borat on a dark ship… please sail away!

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i can see @andrewgarner getting his hands in the air to the swedish entry

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word of the evening… Boom or La. great language development and usage

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France’s opening sounded a bit xfiles then went weird 80s

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meandmybigmouth They’ll all split in two and climb inside each other in a second

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party for everybody Russia for the win!

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has had days of pain, still not gone. no kidney stone but infection, maybe. all sorts of drugs making me feel rough. cannot fault westcall.

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@andrewgarner i’ll take you, i just won’t buy you any beer.

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wld We’ll be at Silicon Milkroundabout this weekend. Will you? bit.ly/Ih1DPf

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@easyjo @robyoung26 i checked just now and have Apps, Cars, Tesco and Giraffe.

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is adding to the list; exhaust bracket probably broken, new sofa needed, insomnia due to sleep deprivation, rbi like pain in fingers… yay.

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Ordering curry- Jenn: what do you want? Me, mixed grill; Jenn, pink squirrel? Erm… No

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@Sarah_Iles i’d be surprised if it’s this weekend and internet related. btopenreach who do internet don’t do visits at weekends! @BTCare

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innocentdrinks The Hairy Bikers pic.twitter.com/xfBZnMRm

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@jasonkneen I saw that just now an thought firefly.

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@timblair woo… did you sit on the doorstep playing an ocarina to summon the cheeky critter back? :)

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drove home, just, avoiding 2 foxes & unknown critter, windows open in, dark with radio1 on. post baby no sleep and 12 hour day sucks balls.

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would like to know why the f**k the cpu load is so high. i’m tired, hungry, on very little sleep and getting angry. grr.

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how many complaints do @AmazonUK need to realise and are both very poor quality couriers. i’m not paying to save you money!

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“The parcel has been left in a secure location at the front of the property”, left on doorstep in the rain again then @AmazonUK

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is starting to flag on the first day back at work post paternity leave…

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came to midwife appt with bambino and forgot wheels so car seat became very heavy on the walk!

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has hit the full on sleep deprivation stage now. both Jenn & I feel awful.

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@mmazour thanks but we’ll be ok. it’s the impracticality of it that’s more annoying.

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isn’t happy @mothercareuk, telling me day before I can’t pick my order up cause you messed up with a 7 day old is quite inconvenient

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May the Fourth be with you. Especially little Sully, ninja Jedi in training.

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has got a standoff. @flapjackthecat discovers his little brother Sullivan. pic.twitter.com/BlYMbsTZZ

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is pleased to introduce Sullivan William Ian Winter, born 04:12 1/5/12 - 9.5 lbs. baby fine, mum recovering. pic.twitter.com/9yvzX0l00

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