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October 2011

has a very hot head. this angry bird is warm! twitpic.com/78qxx5S

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@ONKYO_EU will that come to the iPhone remote app as well for a 609? (please!)

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7 billion people and you: My number is 4,555,166,070 ? bbc.in/rYBYEP5

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happy halloween! kermit and george from rainbow are down the row :) twitpic.com/78o7hnh

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would like to introduce this years pumpkin family pic.twitter.com/plwUxCvLL

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@JammyTheC thanks. yeah it’s mostly baby stuff, some stuff for Jenn then a bit for me. gotta make use f the exchange rate.

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in other news, very pleased to announce we’re 15 weeks along and expecting in April :) pic.twitter.com/mehd7KoVV

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is also very glad we bought an empty duffle bag with us. we’re going to need it for all the shopping we’ve done!

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started Steve Jobs autobio’ (kindle ed.) on shopping road trip to Duluth, MN today. fascinating life, so much I didn’t know.

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is and isn’t looking forward to getting up at 5am tomorrow.

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@AL0sborne coin toss with a double sided coin that says play on both sides!

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grayhaze That pigeon really knew how to make an impression. pic.twitter.com/O1yZxjJB

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@jongilbraith they’ve seen the light. literally. sun shone, develops flock to it. like moths.

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@kevinhyam with the amount of promotion via twitter you should get a @ashnmoore hug and free drinks on @thesnugbar opening night at least :)

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@O2 hey, the free access to no1 traveller at LHR T3 with @O2moments - is that +1 or does that just get me in?

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has a cold; don’t need that right now. on the flip side, it appears i can get free access to the LHR T3 lounge via @O2moments now, is it +1?

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@claireallan1 i’m pretty much set on waiting for the 5.

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would like to thank chris (our acc. mgr.) at @rackspaceemea for my 30th birthday present. time to enjoy! cc/ @EnglishCC twitpic.com/72j865t

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â@cfjedimasterer: Very cool set of Star Wars photos bit.ly/qfXuSeqUm (thx @steveneratrat )” - awesome photos!

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so with lion, what’s the verdict on upgrade vs clean install from snow leopard

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is enjoying the sprite zero that appeared in the @globalpersonals fridge - makes a change from diet coke!

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if carlsberg made birthday presents… Wait, they did! cheers for the jack guys!! pic.twitter.com/Ws9QejK22

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thanks to the @globaldev folks for my cake and card. twitpic.com/705q5r4

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aral Siri, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

(As requested by @michaelw90) pic.twitter.com/wzyCSREO

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@laurent_maguire @neilmiddleton guy under the starbucks logo looks like he’s just randomly joined a queue - he’s got no idea what it’s for

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@ioptics aww, your getting my birthday present - thanks mate ;)

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is on the last day of my 20’s. i celebrated by having a hair cut. got a beer and biscuit whilst i was there though

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thinks iCloud is interesting, but, the calendars need to be able to talk to google (without sync) and contacts needs some work

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@jasonkneen backup finished - then crashed - couldn’t connect to iphone update server, this never works.

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would like to upgrade to but itunes has been “backing up” for the last hour so not looking hopeful

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majorhayden Amazingly simple yet hilarious. chanceitwillhappen.com

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@rosswilliams it also seems that @barryf is tweeting far more than usual

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would like to point out baconipsum.com makes everything more interesting.

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@jennalou_k i don’t think you can ever be to old for a climbing frame. hanging about like a monkey - that’s always fun :)

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MikeRogers0 Giving clients access to their website design/content is a bit like giving a caffeinated child crayons & leaving them in your new house.

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@barryf I failed. According the the chap at the home office when jenn got her result nearly all British people fail. It’s a dumb test.

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Got to love twitter trending - some people have odd names! seen via @grayhaze

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seriously, how is it only just nearly 3pm!

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@shewhobangs you can deliver one of those to my desk please and thank you

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is getting ready for @MovemberUK - let the mo grow!!! movember.com/m/26269d

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in subway kid: “what’s in a meatball marina”, guy: “meat” - he should have said ships it’s marinara!

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was born in 81, an odd music year. under pressure, vienna, in the air tonight, kids in america, you might need somebody & the tide is high!

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is researching 80’s playlists in spotify - private listening mode on - so ripped off samples in modern music.

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can’t believe it’s lunchtime already

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@IAMKELLYWARE yes. until halloween is out the way at least. you shouldn’t be able to buy a mince pie until pumpkins are gone

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just switched from RAC to LV for my car insurance and save 140 quid! bonus.

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@lighthouseapp hey guys, in the uk and we’re not able to connect to lighthouse at all. has the issue re-occurred?

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Monthly time on Twitter: 3 hours. RP class: Level 2 Expert Tweet Shaman. Full results: https://t.co/sZHEvPYD.

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Stats from @_tweetails_. My favourite words are ‘beer’ and ‘wonders’. Average word length: 4.23. Intelligence rating: Intelligent.

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@jongilbraith we’ve had that from our payment provider before now. they cc’d all the major accounts they work with. was very interesting!

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the iphone 4s is cool, has neat bits, siri is cool. not going to get one on a two year contract when a iphone 5 + ipad 3 could be next year

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@drewm don’t forget to ask him about the weather

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it seems adobe are out to destroy development everywhere. Typekit and phonegap. both will be overpriced and bug ridden before we know it.

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@andrewscrivener more likely destroy it and charge even more for it plus make it buggy as hell.

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came second last in the pub quiz. go team! hobgoblin on tap though, can’t complain.

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@rackerhacker even worse if they’re in the office :)

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@jennalou_k i agree. 3 of the 4 groups aren’t, the only over 25 that was good he got rid of. he’s an idiot.

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has just seen passmywill.com6 not sure if that’s a good idea or not. sure as hell is a bit morbid. each to their own.

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