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January 2015

@SkyHelpTeam all good. engineer just replaced the box. so far so good!

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Sully calls a flamingo a gingo. Tiny hands in action. pic.twitter.com/Dx5Ri1ZC6FF

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thesambarnes Product Managers, ScrumMasters, QA and CF Devs, I dare you to join the @globaldev team bit.ly/1JgZ3sO

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thanks for the flowers @globalpersonals they’re lovely. here’s Hudson saying hi. pic.twitter.com/scGyr46nBxx

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@SkyHelpTeam i booked an engineer & coming out tomorrow to take a look. online says i have 2TB box but it’s 1TB so free upgrade hopefully!

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@DesignUXUI @martingoode we found this out the other at work when supplier dropped out. too many kinds of awesome.

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@SkyHelpTeam 1TB box is dead, tried all 3 resets https://t.co/m4QV9iZ6ql but still won’t power. over 1yr old but can you help a long cust. ?

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@AndyJ cheers. it’ll inly be as bad as the first one, hopefully!

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say hi to Hudson Thomas Keith, born 15/1/15 at 23:55. 9.6lbs/4.205kg. no pain relief, wife’s a star & both doing well pic.twitter.com/1cXhYwUTyHH

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@SkyHelpTeam not sure. wife is being induced so we’re in maternity. will have to check what router is doing later!

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if not @SkyHelpTeam you’ll have fleeced me out of more money by forcing me to get ANOTHER router

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also @SkyHelpTeam why can’t i email you? i don’t want to call in as that very rarely gets me anything useful. hope the recovery tool works.

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thanks @SkyHelpTeam i really needed my 101 hub to all of a sudden disconnect & not let me log in to the router even though all lights are on

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richardbranson There is no Planet B. Another great example of business as a force for good: @Vestas virg.in/wnd pic.twitter.com/dOe4NfcX7u

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an email titled “One-click disaster recovery is here!” makes be think they don’t know what disaster recovery really looks like!

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@innocentdrinks hey mailed in magnet vouchers back in November for names and still haven’t heard anything. do you know when they’re coming?

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@antonybc @TheGhoti @MelKirk @Dickie737 maybe it’s a new social campaign method. anyone done babybook.com8?

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@TheGhoti @MelKirk either moving to chelsea, or, just fitting in with the fact women in windsor drive cars they never take offroad :)

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@AirCanada thanks. can I make a reservation inc an <2 if the infant hasn’t had the passport issued yet or is it needed at booking?

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@AirCanada hey, can you help? where’s your ticket desk at LHR now you’ve moved over to terminal 2?

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