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May 2015

Blatter is back, no surprise. the organisation has proved its corrupt. main backers, a set of countries unfortunately known for corruption.

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@Dickie737 “stick shaker” sounds like it should be someone’s job

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@natter_com @nstanley so, does this mean a picture is actually worth 3 words and not a 1000? https://t.co/EubB87GHuJ

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RufusHound I didn’t think we could call them Montenegro anymore. I thought you had to call them Montenafricanamerican

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ah it does amuse me that our entry probably wouldn’t be played on the radio here yet we enter it

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@WheresWardy yeah, don’t talk to him when he’s got his “beard” on 🐗 (closest emoji to wolf)

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@kevinhyam i assume this is singing order, because if that’s a result opinion i think GBR is a bit off! ;)

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RT @brianleroux: psy: really nice little process utility by @substack


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@RealBradHaverly yeah. put me to shame that Sully just kept running back and forth over it and laid on it.

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@RealBradHaverly i didn’t like doing the one on the spinnaker tower in Portsmouth! oddly don’t have a fear or heights, but, do of falling

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Seriously, ignore all these other “winner” tweets, cause I’m gonna wicrypto iPad Givubit.ly/1FwIWcDH99Vaxf

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RT @globaldev: How a weekend crash course helped our new ScrumMaster Hayley ‘Spring into Code’ https://t.co/f1ZGV0EaNb #springintocode #girl…

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great day at Top Gear with @rackspaceUK (thanks Darren, Olaf, Andrew & Lauren) Here’s me interviewing Mr Jardine ðŸpic.twitter.com/EqNs1MAygfAygf

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pretty sure I saw clarkson. Unless someone else has JE55 ERS and captain slow going to topgear as I was leaving.

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lap with this chap done. allman brothers on the radio. bentley gt for those wondering. pic.twitter.com/lYrTBcoEd77

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hey @Percona I see MySQL is 5.7.7 rc now, what do you think a rough (no commit from you) timeline for a percona version would be?

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NHLtoSeattle The Washington Capitals are the most Canadian team alive in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. pic.twitter.com/80RXFwbyr0

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just found out @alyankovic is playing the Apollo on Sun. October 4th this year… expensive but temptinaur

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@TbaytelSales i’m visiting family in tbay, from the uk (iphone). do you have a prepaid sim only plan or similar I could use for ~2 weeks?

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RT @innocent: Yes, it only works with the American format. Yes, it’s still amazing. https://t.co/KW90dQDQQ9

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is now a @giffgaff user. so long @ThreeUK I’d thank you for the fish, but they smell funny. come join me!

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mashable The UK political map now looks a lot like Maggie Simpson on.mash.to/1IlFaTD pic.twitter.com/KMk4BSOAwv

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@System_Sagepay any update on this at all? your updates are not very insightful, being that there are none.

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@Dominos_UK trying to reset my p/w on website & no combination of the question answer works. how can i reset it? it still works in the app.

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mrmrs_ “Did you do any user testing?”

“No we just deleted all the JS for that page and we started making more money.”

Conversation I had today.

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