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March 2015

@RealBradHaverly tidal? i thought you were talking hair products again, or washing powder cc @andrewgarner

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i just clicked unsubscribe in an email and ended up here: optmeoutnow.comP - now, to me, that’s got scam written all over it!

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the US gov defended Sony for their failings so will they defend Github against what’s likely a foreign nation attack?

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@TheGhoti you’re rolling on the floor laughing at a Yeast-Based Signal Sequence Trap ? cc @MelKirk

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tonights interruption after Sully asleep was cries of ‘daddy, daddy dragon coming’ he was hiding under blanket. cute & funny

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@MelKirk true, the issue is you keep taking it off

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@MelKirk at least you’re admitting it though. that’s the first step ;)

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@neilmiddleton it’s ok, it’s on Dave, it’ll never die

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@jennalou_k i do/did, but, a google of it was far more interesting https://t.co/bIwXgABXPN

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we’re hiring! want a job in Dev (ColdFusion) or care then let me know: globalpersonals.theresumator.comGrsg

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@nurinagarcia i was alright, aside from now being hungry for a muffin, i’m good! how’s life treating you?

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@AirCanada also what if it’s booked on Canadian whilst British application underway (dual citz) can you can nationality of existing ticket?

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@AirCanada hey, if you book a flight on 1 passport and then it gets renewed can you change it as long as it’s before the travel dates?

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@MelKirk or, buy a dress that fits as you’re fine as you are? (as @lightboxstudios said)

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TheRealSheldonC What is your Batman name? pic.twitter.com/jQbE26W0Tz

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CPAN; even the modules you install hate it “waiting for daemon death…arl

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one of the simplest, most useful things ever: https://t.co/245IyaQSed

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@krames not to stereotype, but, i had to explain sarcasm to an American once. it basically ended up just being offensive!

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no amount of coffee can make this 344 question document go any faster.

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@SkyHelpTeam any issues with broadband in RG41? router won’t connect at all, phone line working ok.

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nixcraft Fun and profit at the same time via /u/jooiiee

host -t txt istheinternetonfire.com | cut -f 2 -d ‘”’ | cowsay -f tux pic.twitter.com/j5HzYjq3FF

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googling about getting another insulin pen, finding out pen I already have is being recalled. hope Dr can prescribe me a different one!

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