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March 2013

so, might try zsh on osx, upgrade to 5 i guess from brew. any other tips, recommended reading, crash bash cross over guides!?

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neilmiddleton Everything should be UTC. Just adjust.

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@boffbowsh i thought @jennalou_k would be looking forward to her first drink consider she’ll be turning 18 :)

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MeanwhileinCana Support bacteria! It’s the only culture some people have.

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really hoping that i’ll win £110,000,000 this Friday on EuroMillions. i’d just about get by on that & get my own in house food court w/ chef

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and another thing, don’t email me telling me i’ve unsubscribe. i know already. god dammit.

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now for RDC, point & click. yay. give me the CLI any day.

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@easyjo yeah yeah, let me guess it’s sunny and warm as well. grr. cc/ @tomgiddings

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how the f*** is it only 10:30

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reading about a monitoring framework with the same name as our cat @flapjackthecat. i wonder if he knows.

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jenn’s out, sully’s asleep after more wonder week energy, i’m wondering if I should have a beer or jd & i need to put heating on

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if any out there have any fisher price little people farm animals & people they don’t need anymore let me know!

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apparently since I got up my polo was on inside out. only noticed when I took my jumper off and wondered why the collar was a bit annoying

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double glazing vans shouldn’t drive in the back of taxis ( queue/chaos) & don’t get me started on damn rubberneckers!

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@FrancescaHeath the train is replaced. with a bus :) hope you get there soon

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when the rain is so hard and there’s also spray so you can’t see over your own bonnet you should TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON dimwits!

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doesn’t think domain migration & international money transfers should be so damn complicated & involved!

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@Timato_ porn, gadgets, food or alcohol.

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@daccf I think the tone is fine. They need to sort it out. When you have double digits worth if servers to patch it’s a pita!

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if Justin Bieber could boycott uk radio stations playing his music as well that’s be great in addition to never coming back.

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has had the kidney biopsy & seen the little slivers floating in a jar. I’ve drunk, eaten, peed, walked & not bled out so looking good so far

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@Loud_one or tits…. we don’t know you being a lady boy now do w@therunningdudede

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How does Moses make his tea? Hebrews it.

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the fire alarm can go do one

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BBC News - Bonnie Tyler chosen as Eurovision UK entry bbc.in/VJ9FuZm - hmm.n

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@loopj we’ll take a look at @bugsnag also looking at errbit cc/ @boffbowsh

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@boffbowsh still bloody is. not sure if there’s any point backtracking though now. stuck on way to Mercedes garage from town side.

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forgot about Bracknell traffic. it’s freaking terrible. plus idiots in the rain.

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ring the bell for the attention of the blood test team. dial a vampire! very quick and no wait. Will use this place again!

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waiting for the NHS. what a surprise. doesn’t actually open until 8am tho and the royal Berks Bracknell clinic is actually very nice!

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@airbrake getting 500’s on the site and api’s… any status update?

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after a long break I was very sceptical about the new stereophonic’s album. i’m half way through and not sure yet.

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hey @ThreeUKSupport my voicemail just goes into infinite loop. can’t listen to msgs. says press 1, i do, then says press 1, etc.

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thourougly recommend this. pompeii is an awsome tracke ♫ Bastille — Bad Blspoti.fi/XQ09patotify

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@rednoseday is there a 2013 red nose for cars and if there is where can i buy one??

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@MKRMatthew i wouldn’t. if it’s like valentines day they won’t deliver anything on time. lesson learnt. never use @MoonpigUK

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@agit8or its all relative, better than i was! got a biopsy and MRI for a couple of bits as outpatient. hopefully results will be good!

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needs a hair cut. probably before I go back to work on Monday. definitely need to shave.

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