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August 2014

need to work on training up helper monkeys to clean the house!

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@TheGhoti you should follow @RealBradHaverly, i think you need his help :p

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@RealBradHaverly probably wants a free haircut brad. he’s heard about you.

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@benlovell @michaelklishin i ordered a big tower with a clock and added bell and all i got was this lousy t-shirt

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argh, baby not playing and NHS date booking fail so have to come back in a three weeks. frustrated and annoyed.

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today is tuesday, it’s also pink 💄 or blue 💔 day

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@StevieBuckley only problem is it’s only 1amp, would be even more awesome if it was 2. i’ll let you google that ;)

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so it’s not a German bank holiday which means there’s no excuse for the supplier i’m after to ignore support messages and phone

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@steviebuckley https://t.co/zL27fu7ED8 - first day back in the office and extra coffee powered. it won’t last.

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@MelKirk looks like you were wearing it in the wrong day, seems pretty cold.

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RT @iamdevloper: A monkey hitting random keys on a keyboard, for an infinite amount of time, still won’t be able to exit Vim.

Infinite Vim…

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Awesome day at ascot and a Brit 1, 2 finish. Photos to follow once off camera. Dinner at cleaver as well.

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after two days, castle sullyville is complete. thanks to a imported Canadian visitor pic.twitter.com/R5qncfsZKZZ

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sitting in new T2 arrivals. it’s big, clean, white and boring. next challenge will be finding a pay machine, and the car.

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@garethr whilst doing something else at the same time? worst command joke ever?

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so apparently @WheresWardy is taking up cello, wonder if he’ll take up this outfit style also https://t.co/AB3IJmezwF #stevenseagulls

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so a German court accepts £60m to end a bribery trial… anyone else see the irony there?

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had awesome livechat support from @lv, impressive service. Clarise was polite, friendly and got me the information really easily.

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looking forward to @Redbullairrace Ascot… tickets purchased!

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just found out red bull air race is at ascot on 2 weeks! afternoon out with father-in-law sorted. Race day or qual? https://t.co/1slbWtiYpU

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tvprp Please can we ask that people stop filming collisions? Just dealt with lorry driver filming a collision on A34, no hands on the wheel!

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RT @TheRealSheldonC: ✌ Cuts ✋
✋ Covers 💊
💊 Crushes 🐸
🐸 Poisons 🙇
🙇 Smashes✌
✌ Decapitate 🐸
🐸 Eats ✋
✋ Disproves 🙇
🙇 Vaporises 💊
And as it a…

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@RBFRSofficial pretty sure you didn’t want to tweet that :)

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