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July 2013

@SpotifyUK any reason you sent me three copies if the identical recommended artists email this evening?

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@drewm bagshot road sainsbury’s is good - used to be my local @GrahamM_6t9

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@Haribocheeks you’re just doing a number two. girls can talk about it as well you know.

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A great salary, great kit and a cool environment to work in. https://t.co/sq0zjALU03 What could you do for us? https://t.co/GB44WztU5f

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@StevieBuckley sod the epilepsy warning. i know want to stab my eye out!

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AlecMuffett ‘Lads’ mags’ given cover-up deadline by Co-Op
- yes, people should get their porn from the Internet instead… fb.me/S7tCZHIJ

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so what if Theresa May is diabetic. I’ve been since 14, now 31 and fine. it’s a pain in the arse but life goes on. it’s not news.

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at dinton pastures with the little man. he nearly got eaten by geese. now enjoying a magnum and mini milk. mmm. pic.twitter.com/Nt9VTVFLHpp

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@csscreatures yellow hungry moustache

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@rackspaceuk myself and @timblair did that to our boss @barryf at christmas https://t.co/SXU38SWNDH … whilst i like the pink aussies win

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@rosswilliams saw a red Morgan being driven/revved past the office at lunch, you’re not here and there can’t be many if them!

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so have won the lottery twice this week. £8.80 Tues and £10 Weds. quick jump up to £1m+ tonight would be great.

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climagic Happy System Administrator’s Day! — A network without system administrators is anarchy.

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@keithclarkcouk number 7 on this page if you want to see it! https://t.co/p8e1morEgd cc/ @netmag

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@MelKirk i had a 20% voucher from a company i purchased LED lightbulbs from - definitely a odd relation!

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@System_Sagepay how about you actually tell people when it’s happening… big change for you guys but would be appreciated /c@Amy_SagePayay

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writing python, listening to 80’s music. get me the hell out of here. now.

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cjcheshire SHOCKING @VirginAtlantic actually puts your password in the query string if you have in incorrect login! WTF? pic.twitter.com/7liFprJE5S

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had a great visit to @WindsorEtonBrew and a chat with jim. tasted a few of their beers and ended up with kohinoor and knight of the garter

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@innocentdrinks lime van blackberry (based on beethoven) - shocking but best i’ve got for now

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globalpersonals Pure joy! RT @jennalou_k: Congrats to @jontarbuck! 5 years at @globalpersonals! Look how happy he is! pic.twitter.com/0jLosKK0C3

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@WindsorEtonBrew do you still have Windsor Cot bottles available? i’ll pop down at lunch if you do.

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@richardbranson i’d like to have won the lottery and be spending half the year in the uk and half the year in canada with the wife’s family

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â@project_meteoror: Take a sneak peek at Macaw, the code-savvy web design tool macaw.co/peekurV” - this is really, really, really neat

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@RealBradHaverly you can defend your own hair dressing law suits now? chop chop bradley, get on to the next exam. you’ll sweep through them.

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â@jennalou_k_k: Kerry Katona to play Marilyn Monroe on stage? Are you freaking kidding me?” - that’s the funniest thing i’ve read for a while!

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death star ice cubes anyone? https://t.co/xdK5cn2TXp cc/ @thesambarnes

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some of these i’d forgotten about, some i don’t see how they were hits! ♫ ONE HIT WONDERspoti.fi/1atKilPping

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@TheKirstyWard also, get on to the cricket team and throw the match so we win. that’d help @boffbowsh deal with it

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@stephenfry i think you just broke them “Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 15204352) (tried to allocate 1966080 bytes)”

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love it - â@voidspacece: FOAAmjf.cc/13urxrgB4q “Fuck Off As A Service”.”

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@Tomtids we’ve not seen anything. all our payment graphs look normal

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well fuck off @sequelpro. fuck right off. not the time to crash AGAIN

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@carehart trying to get 902 server monitor running on linux but cannot resolve 500 errors to /flex2gateway - ideas welcome!

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trying to get server monitor running on linux but cannot resolve 500 errors to /flex2gateway - ideas?@cfjedimaster @BenNadel

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needs an air conditioner for sullys room. any recommendations? cheap, reliable and quiet ideally! next day delivery would help.

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@james_allardice i think it’s a new version. the guy mentioned works for them and their contactus.sky.com7 also is on heroku

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PaulLomax Hacked? RT @natmorris: LOL at servicestatus.sky.com “Sky TV, Its broken, Really broken” pic.twitter.com/Eo0ZvPS97g

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bloody hell it’s a funky friday. 7+ live release, runways at LHR just been closed due to plane fire and a train crash in france

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like it! nice one bro. “@trevorpotts0: FREE DOWNLOAD!!! “#countrycountry” by Trevor Potts - https://t.co/ZZVKbXhAfu #calgarystampede”

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marksmithcomedy Oh come on BBC News, be more specific. pic.twitter.com/jo8eXt9F6a

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need a hair cut, cloning machine, drink, lunch, sullivan to recover from jet lag & a winning euromillions lottery ticket for >£1me

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apparently my battles with time continue. different dimension though.

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@ThamesVP is the helicopter over Wokingham? Been buzzing about making my house shake and keeping jet lagged baby awake

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@TVP_Wokingham is the chopper over town? seems to be hovering about last 20 minutes. my house is shaking it was so low!

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has restored balance in the world. the beer fridge once again has beer in! not full so time to shop :)

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@HeebieB gonna have to start calling you two the “bone sisters”

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as @boffbowsh pointed out, steven hawkins isn’t going to be as useful as steven hawking! at least not for this problem!

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is investigating theoretically impossible negative and positive differences between timestamps… where’s steven hawkins when you need him

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@kevinhyam Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh-ah-ah,
Ohhh, whoah, ah-whoah-oh!

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@Amy_SagePay that’s @timblair - he’s one of my colleagues - definitely an awesome story. maybe sagepay could donate as we’re a good customer

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@jamisonmatt was it along the lines of… “sir, please leave now before we call the police” ? ;)

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so if I say @StevieBuckley smells bad will it show on the wall?

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globalpersonals .@globalpersonals ranked 13 in The Sunday Times International Track - delighted to pick up our 3rd award in 2 weeks! bit.ly/15qAiaW

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@lakeheaduhockey hey, can you buy jersey’s in town anywhere or just web? if web how long is shipping & what size is a adult M & L? thanks

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